Match these Lipstick Queen lippies to your favourite men from rom coms

Match these Lipstick Queen lippies to your favourite men from rom coms

The great kiss off

Text: Renée Batchelor

With a stunning new collection of cool and hot pinks, we can't help but be reminded of our favourite rom coms when we saw Lipstick Queen's 'Dating Game' collection

Rom coms are the cinematic kryptonite of most women. Even this writer who adores arty flicks and horror shows, is not immune to the humble, casually sexist charms of a good rom com. Still there are many life lessons we can learn from these fluffy, light-as-air confections, like the warning signs Mr Dreamboat is more like Mr Douchebag and how that one guy you overlooked (the garbage man?) is your true Mr Right. Heck, sometimes our real lives end up playing like a silver screen awkward moment.

When Lipstick Queen released its 'Dating Game' collection with four, gorgeous pink-toned suitors with equally cute names, inspiration struck. What if you approached your lipstick like you would a Tinder date or potential mate? Would you go with darling or dangerous? First off, all four lipsticks are MVPs with medium coverage, creamy textures and a polished finish. They also have a great formula packed with shea butter and vitamin E so your kissers are ripe for uh, kissing. Can't decide which is the right one? Read on and take your pick (and make sure you choose wisely).

This is the lipstick you want to marry and live with for the forseeable future. This is the pink that checks all the right boxes. It's soft, sweet and dependable, flattering with a rosy, blush finish. It may not be the most exciting pink out there, but it'll give you a foot rub every evening and bring you your morning coffee.

Prime rom com examples: Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) in Bridget Jones's Diary, Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) in Roman Holiday and Cameron James (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in 10 Things I Hate About You.


The lipstick that is everything you ever needed and didn't know you did. A vibrant, upbeat pink with a hint of cheery coral in the mix, this will light up your lips, your face and then your life. If the lipstick were a man it would sweep you off your feet (romantic proposal optional) and be the yin to your yang. It's the equivalent of the man who is right under your nose, and for some strange reason, you never considered.

Prime rom com examples: Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) in The Proposal, Josh Lucas (Paul Rudd) in Clueless and Jake Perry (Josh Lucas) in Sweet Home Alabama.


Lipstick Queen lipstick in Mr Right, $40
Hello, we're looking for the right man?


This is your current favourite lipstick shade — like avocado toast and Marvel movies — it's so hot right now. A high-voltage, magenta with cool, blue undertones, this lipstick captures the sensation of instantaneous attraction is a tube. If this lipstick could talk, it would say "I'm an alpha male with some latent douchebag tendencies, but damn, do I look good on you!'

Prime rom com examples: Ted (Jon Hamm) in Bridesmaids, Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) in Bridget Jones's Diary and George (Edward Burns) in 27 Dresses.

Lipstick in Mr Right Now

The bad boy needs no introduction. And its facepaint equivalent is equally in-your-face. Introducing the pink (and stock character) that likes to break the rules with a healthy dose of rebellion and a dash of devil-may care. Will this cool fuchsia break your heart? It probably will, but it's not going to stop you from giving it (or him) a try.

Prime rom com examples: Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) in What Women Want and Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey) in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.


$40 each. Lipstick Queen is available at Escentials