This luxurious cream from La Prairie is like caviar for your skin

This luxurious cream from La Prairie is like caviar for your skin


Text: Renée Batchelor

The latest extension in La Prairie's Skin Caviar range is a cream that restores volume and bounce to your face

Density. The word becomes very important the older you get, as the changes between a previously youthful visage and a decidedly older one are so minute and imperceptible, it can be hard to even recognise what exactly happened. But yes, as we age, things do go south, and one of the best ways to stave off ageing is with a dedicated skincare regimen. Don't believe us? Witness the difference in skin appearance, texture and quality between two similarly-aged people with different lifestyles and habits: Think sunscreen, serums and smoking (or the lack thereof). But while taking care of your skin is often seen as a kind of chore, it can actually be a joy.

La Prairie Absolute Filler

La Prairie's Skin Caviar Absolute Filler targets the loss of volume and substance, and restores that youthful bounce to the skin. In an exquisite bottle, one pump dispenses one pearl-sized drop of cream — the perfect amount for the face. The airless pump and modern design, is yet another testament to the beauty of details. Inside each bottle? A caviar absolute made up of caviar oil and caviar proteins. La Prairie creates this absolute by capturing the most potent nutrients found in caviar through a pressing and centrifugation process that retains all the essential lipids and proteins from this precious ingredient more effectively. Caviar absolute also stimulate collagen formation at several levels and is mixed with other ingredients like brown algae and peony rootextracts to smoothen the skin and improve its elasticity. But all that would mean nothing if this voluptuous cream wasn't a delight to use. What is unique is the rich, yet bouncy texture that absorbs easily into skin, creating a smooth and hydrated effect immediately. Perfect for use before makeup, this filler-in-a-bottle is pure indulgence for your skin.

$960 for 60ml. Available from 1 September