How Singapore brand RE:ERTH simplifies skincare

How Singapore brand RE:ERTH simplifies skincare

Millennial minimalism

Text: Renée Batchelor

With its online model and simple routine, here's how RE:ERTH makes taking care of your skin easy-peasy

When we first heard of the brand RE:ERTH, a collaboration between its CEO, Tokyo-born Shinji Yamasaki, and Singaporeans COO Toh Ziling, marketing director Winnie Lim, design director Keith Cheong and compliance director Celestine Koh, we were intrigued by the concept. This was a brand designed by millennials for the busy woman (or man) in mind that consisted of just a few products, and that would retail primarily online.

As Yamasaki's parents themselves own a skincare company in Japan, he had access to the best facilities and ingredients to develop a range specifically for this market that is streamlined, but still efficient. Add to that sleek and modern packaging, affordable price points and good textures and you have a winning combination. Here's how RE-ERTH helps to simplify your skincare routine,

By now you may have heard of the potency of the turmeric as a skincare ingredient. It's used in the newest formula of the bestselling Clarins Double Serum and is one of the key super ingredients in the past year. RE:ERTH has access to a special kind of Japanese white turmeric and uses its leaf and root extract, as well as the Japanese spring turmeric leaf extract to power its products. These ingredients prevent the degradation of hyaluronic acid in the skin, while giving skin a suppler texture and greater clarity. 

The range also uses APPS — a patented and stable vitamin C from Japan — a delivery system from UK called Lipodisq, water soluble vitamin A and glycoproteins derived from colostrum from Danish cows in its products. This impressive stable of innovative, topnotch ingredients means you're getting only the best technology for your skin, at a reasonable price.

The best part of a brand made for the Singapore market? It works in this weather. The lightweight textures and breathability, plus the fact that the products sink it effortlessly into skin, make layering a breeze and following a routine a fuss-free, time-saving endeavour. After who has time for five heavy products to absorb into skin on most busy mornings.


Don't you just hate it when your favourite cream spills in your makeup bag, or when it feels slippery from leakage? The thoughtful packaging for the key products — the Cleanser, Toner, Elixir, Moisturizer and Eye Cream — make it easy to to tote around. Just twst it down to lock in place for the Elixir, Moisturizer and Eye Cream. Even the Purifying Bar, comes with a travel case if you want to bring it on your next trip, or pack it for the gym.

Although the brand has all the five steps you need for a dedicated regimen, you are also able to use whatever you need, and don't have to follow the entire routine. Try the Purifying Bar — a great option for guys on the go — as it also contains honey for anti-inflammatory properties. Or give the star product the Multi-Targeted Elixir a go if you're looking for a hardworking, global serum that absorbs like a dream.



Too busy to even pop into a Sephora or department store? Purchase the starter kit, to sample four key products or buy individual ones according to your needs. You'll also find discount codes that offer considerable savings, and join the brand's Rewards Garden to earn points and birthday perks in the long run. The brand ships globally and will reach you within two working days if you're in Singapore.

From $28 to $105. Available at its online store