Laura Mercier's new Velour Extreme is the easiest lipstick you'll own

Laura Mercier's new Velour Extreme is the easiest lipstick you'll own

The perfect pout

Text: Renée Batchelor

Fall in love with the effortless new lipstick from Laura Mercier that even the most clueless user can master

When a woman falls for a lipstick, it's a love affair that lasts. Which is why most of us feel pretty bummed out when our favourite lip colour shade is discontinued, or (horrors!) the entire line is removed from the shelves. Some women have more devotion to their lipstick than they do their last Tinder date. Some even get attached to the names of their favourite lippies, which can sometimes be wonderfully punny. But we digress.

While it is hard to determine a universal standard for what makes the perfect lipstick, Laura Mercier's new Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick comes pretty close to checking all the boxes. First up, it's not so much a lipstick as a slim lip crayon that can be easily slipped into your purse. As it is much less bulky than a conventional lippy, carrying two to three colours with you at one go is super easy. Each Velour Extreme also comes with a sharpener attached at the back for easy access. But what we love about it especially is the weightless, comforting formula and the natural matte finish. While Kylie Jenner may still be selling tonnes of Lip Kits, we love that makeup is moving in a slightly more natural direction, and this lipstick gives you exactly that kind of cool, effortless French girl glam that is timelessly chic.

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme

Velour Extreme Matte is made with a blend of mattifying powders that cocoon it in silky conditioners, so that dry and cracking lips as well as feathering is not a problem. The shape of the lipstick tip can also be customised using the sharpener. If you want precise application, especially for bolder shades like red, you can sharpen it more — making it easy to trace the outline of the lips and fill it in. If you want a chubbier stick to make it easy to glide on, leave the tip as is.

And while the pigment of the lipstick is pure, bold and long-lasting, there is more than one way to actually wear the lipstick. With 24 shades, any combination is possible. You can do a subtle ombré by choosing two shades that are close to each other. Use the darker shades on the corners of the mouth and apply the lighter shade right in the centre, blending the two tones with your finger. If you want to achieve the popular bitten look, pick up a small amount of lipstick and press the colour into the lips, starting from the centre outwards. Work on the bottom lip first, blending the colour quickly and lightly from side to side, so that the colour fades at the edges, before repeating on the top lip. Voila! You just achieved the perfect lip with little effort.

Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick