Out damn spot: Kiehl's upgrades its best-selling blemish fighter to treat adult acne

Out damn spot: Kiehl's upgrades its best-selling blemish fighter to treat adult acne

Growing pains

Text: Renée Batchelor

Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions spot treatment has been a lifesaver for our acne-prone skin. Find out how the brand has upped the game with the new reformulation and an accompanying lotion

Acne. It's the bane of many a teenaged life, but how many of us expect the problem to continue to adulthood and beyond? According to Kiehl's 80 per cent of all adult acne starts being persistent from our teenage years, while the remaining 20 per cent of cases is late-onset and appears after age 25. It is more common amongst women than men, and tends to be tied more to inflammation and hormonal dysregulation. What you'll often see are in papules, pustules, and cysts located along the jawline and on the cheeks, in what is called the U-zone. Another problem? As we age, our skin healing process and the rate at which we clear post-inflammatory marks slows down, so we're more likely to get marks and scars that persist for longer. We've shared with you how to best cover up acne, but treating it with a dedicated and consistent regimen, is really most of the battle. Says Kiehl's consukting dermatologist Dr. Adam Geyer, "The most challenging aspect of treating adult acne is that acne products formulated for younger skin can often be challenging to use. Given the difference in physiology between adult and adolescent skin, an ideal treatment for adult acne should provide long lasting results, have preventative and targeted effects, be gentle on the skin without risk of excessive redness or irritation and address the discoloration left behind from acne." 
Kiehl's Dermatologist Solution Breakout Control Blemish Control Treatments 
The skin-saving chemists and dermatologists behind Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions range have created the new Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment with all this in mind. The new formula is powered by 10 per cent sulfur (the maximum amount allowed for an over-the-counter product) as well as vitamin B3. Not only does it reduce and prevent blemishes, it also heals scars — a big plus if you've found tiny craters and pits on your face that can't even be covered with clever use of concealer. The key points of this product is that it blends evenly, works quickly and is still gentle on the skin. The sulfur used is antimicrobial and has keratolytic properties — this means that is sheds the outermost layer of skin so that sebum can flow out without causing acne lesions to form.

Because a good regimen consists not just of a spot cream, the brand has also created a Breakout Control Blemish Treatment Facial Lotion that is to be used on the entire face to prevent blemishes. Best for those with critical and persistent acne, this also adds softness to the complexion and soothes any redness on the skin. Formulated with 1.5 per cent salicylic acid and vitamin B3, this combination removed dead surface skin cells that trap oil and calms the complexion. If you're not sure of the proper regimen for your acne-prone skin, pop on down to a counter and consult with the staff there. The brand has two recommended regimens depending on the severity of your acne and includes must-have products like the proper cleanser, moisturiser and of course, sunscreen to treat and protect your skin, for a holistic solution to your problem.

From $52-$80. Available from January at Kiehl's counters and stores