Get an instant glow with this facial at Acclaro Clinic

Get an instant glow with this facial at Acclaro Clinic

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Text: Renée Batchelor

If you don't like the sterile environment of doctor's clinics, here's why Acclaro will give you a different experience... and better skin

The first thing you notice about Acclaro is the clean, modern deco. Forget stuffy, old school doctor's clinics or pristine, but uncomfortable surroundings — Acclaro is a minimalist's'dream with light wood floors, calming green plants, white walls and sleek furniture you'll want to steal for your own home. But beyond the chic interior design, you'll also find good service, a comprehensive range of facials and doctor's treatments as well as access to good after-care products from established brands like Skinceuticals, IS Clinical Skincare and the paraben-free Image Skincare. We left the clinic purchasing items we hadn't seen before including a both a bottle of Klenskin Shower On Sunscreen — a perfect solution for those who find applying topical sunscreen tedious — as well as oral probiotics for our skin.

With a fair amount of acne scarring and general dullness on our skin, it can be difficult getting good results from at-home skincare and beauty brand facials, which is why we were keen to try one of Acclaro's signatures, the Glo Therapeutics Glo Lactic Peel. We had been hiding our scars with heavy duty concealer for some time, but unlike a temporary cosmetic fix, peels can lighten and also resurface skin. Using 15 per cent lactic acid, along with fruit enzymes of bilberry, blueberry and mulberry, this clinical facial gently resurfaces the skin and removes dead skin cells — without creating a tight and dry sensation on the skin. My therapist Tricia Fu, who is also the clinic's co-founder, explained how the peel is good for stimulating healthy skin cells without the aggressive effects of harsh chemical peels, making it one of the best options for my dry, dull complexion. It also works on light acne scarring.

Acclaro Clinic

The facial consists of a cleansing and the application of a toner, a peel prep, the actual peel, and finally a mask. As far as peels go, there was no biting or stinging sensation — the whole process was pretty comfortable from start to finish, although the sensation and after-effects will differ according to your skin type. After the mask, was applied, my skin felt even more comfortable and hydrated — a common effect as peels remove the dead layer of the epidermis, ensuring subsequent products can really penetrate into the skin.

The results of the peel were obvious from the get-go, my skin was more even-toned overall, and although my acne scars were not completely gone — this would be impossible with just one peel — they were lightened and less obvious. The most important difference was that skin looks brightened and more radiant for the days after the peel. This is especially obvious if you have dull skin that has lost its glow. If you're looking to really treat acne scarring, a combination of multiple session of this peel plus lasers, done consistently over time, would be best. But if you don't have serious scarring and pigmentation concerns, this clinical facial is a good option, as compared to a regular facial, simply for the more obvious and quicker results. Do it two to three days before a big occasion, and you'll look better and brighter in photos, and most importantly, in real life.

$280 for 45 minutes. Acclaro is at #19-01 Paragon Medical, 6883-6978