How to customise your entire beauty regime: The best personalised skincare, haircare, and more

How to customise your entire beauty regime: The best personalised skincare, haircare, and more

One of a kind

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @functionofbeauty

Under normal circumstances, being singled out is hardly a good thing. And yet, it's a different story all together when it comes to the beauty realm. These days, customisable, individualised wares are all the rage; its popularity rooted in the allure of efficacious formulas as well as streamlined manufacturing processes which allows for said goods to be sold at wallet-friendly prices. With price points no longer serving as a deterrent to consumers, it stands to reason that folks are snapping up more bespoke products than ever.

See, why settle for a skincare cocktail that could potentially work for you when you can get one custom-designed for your complexion? We rest our case. Below, the lowdown on the best beauty brands that tailor-make their items.

Makeup: Finding Ferdinand

The company might be based in New York City, but that's not to say you won't be able to partake in their unique customisation journey. Their lipstick maker is composed of an online system that allows you to mix and match up to four hues — of which you can vary in intensity using sliders. There's even a colour wheel for you to play around with, so you can really go to town and pick out your precise shade of choice. This applies to their face palettes, too, where you'll be able to craft up a six- or eight-pan palette comprising a variety of highlighter, bronzer, and eye shadow formulas. To sweeten the deal: free shipping for all orders above USD$35. It doesn't get any better than this, we say.


Skincare: Yours

No more trial-and-error, indeed. The ethically-sourced, non-toxic skincare label relies upon a detailed skin assessment to narrow down the ideal regime for individuals, with complimentary reformulation services provided should any dissatisfaction arise. While they're still expanding upon their repertoire, their current range is comprehensive as it is — including personalised day creams, night creams, serums, and eye serums. There's sunscreen, exfoliating pads, and a cleanser to round out your routine, too, though those options don't allow for customisation.


Haircare: Function of Beauty

It's likely you've seen this company crop up on your Instagram feed thanks to the flurry of influencers backing it. Their star product: the personalised shampoos and conditioners, which made waves thanks an intuitive system that grants full control to users for aesthetical decisions such as packaging colour and fragrance. To start, you'll be required to take a quiz which determines your hair goals: Are you looking to fix your split ends? Soothe your scalp? Volumise? Pick up to five options, before proceeding onto the fragrance and design section where you'll be able to let your creativity run wild. Even better: really put your mark on it by opting getting your name printed on the bottle. Not only will it add some pizzazz to your shower caddy, it'll also give moochers pause the next time they hit your shower. Win-win.


Fragrance: Maison 21G

Perfumes are an intensely personal by nature, so it makes sense that you should develop your own. Maison 21G allows you to do just that, and in three different ways to boot: either based on your personality, favourite ingredients, or preferred scents. Don't count on conventional offerings of vanilla and jasmine — Maison 21G's catalogue contains atypical picks such as cannabis (!) and orris, even. Drop by their boutique located at Duxton for the full experience.


Bodycare: Soap Ministry

They might be called Soap Ministry, but body cleansers aren't the only thing they're putting out. Beyond bespoke essential oils and hand sanitisers, there are even exotic options in the vein of breast milk soaps (seriously) and, uh, botanical herb powders. Consumers can rest easy knowing that their skin is in good hands as only eco-friendly, child-safe, and halal ingredients are used.