How to cope with period pains: The Buro. team shares their go-to methods for dealing with Aunt Flo

How to cope with period pains: The Buro. team shares their go-to methods for dealing with Aunt Flo

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Text: Emily Heng

While some get to experience the sheer, unadulterated joy of a pain-free period, the rest of us are stuck with crippling cramps, menstrual migraines, and a ravenous appetite that rivals many a Mukbang star. Ugh.


Below, how the ladies of the Buro. team cope every time Aunt Flo comes knocking:

Netflix binge
"I lie in bed with the covers up to my ears, panadol in my stomach. When I'm not preoccupied cursing the heavens for this sexist biological infliction (you know it's true), I'm watching romantic comedies, sometimes horror movies. Misery loves company and all that." — Jolene Khor, Fashion & Beauty Editor

"I eat carbs, loads of carbs. Rice for mains and bread for dessert." — Corinne Cheah, Lifestyle Intern

Tea all about it
"Three years into hormone replacement therapy, I've become accustomed to the occasional bout of nausea, abdominal cramps, and brain fog. Peppermint tea is a lifesaver, but good sleep, light outdoor exercise, hydration and proper meals help a fair bit." — Ryan Sng, Fashion Writer

Stretch and a shower
"Hot yoga works for me. Or any kind of stretching exercises followed by a warm rain shower." — Esther Quek, Editor-in-Chief

Amen to that
"I say a little prayer for my uterus. It works better than a monthly dose of pink pills. And apart from that, copious cups of warm Milo never fail to subdue the cramps." — Janice Sim, Lifestyle Editor

Let's get physical
"I pop a pill or two, sleep, and occasionally hit my stomach. What? It helps." — Tai, Content Strategist

Oiled up
"I get my partner to apply Yu Yui oil along my stomach and other areas I can't reach. It provides instant relief." — Vanessa Caitlin, Group Digital Creative Producer

Minimal human contact
"Most times, I pop a couple of painkillers to power through the first two days. I also avoid cold drinks and human contact as much as possible." — Crystal Lee, Marketing & Content Strategist

XY chromosome
"I only get bloated when I eat Briyani." — Aravin Sandran, Culture Editor, who just wants to feel included

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