How Alche{me} takes control of your stressed-out skin

How Alche{me} takes control of your stressed-out skin

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Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

Just like that Twenty One Pilots song, we're stressed out... and it's apparent on our faces this time of year. Between the active acne, flaky skin, lacklustre complexion, and dark circles, our skin is in serious need of remedy. Whatever the reason  a taxing work week (Horrible Bosses isn't just a movie) or environmental aggressors damaging your skin (thanks neighbours for the air pollution)  skincare brand Alche{me} speaks our language.

Once you start talking lifeless skin, this homegrown label is all ears. A peak up the sleeves of their latest range lets us to discover how their products address common skincare problems, e.g. fine lines, pimple scarring, pigmentation and dull tones.

Having stressed out skin is like going through the motions of a breakup: you appear fine and dandy on the surface, but all it takes is one wrong step to swerve in the wrong direction. Then it all turns to absolute shit. And now, you have to make some more room on your bathroom shelf, as Alche{me} has expanded its Curated Formulated Series with three new ranges — Rejuvenate {me}, Brighten {me} and Clear & Mattify {me}.

If you're nodding your head along with us, unconsciously picking at that upper lip zit of yours or slowly forming wrinkles, Alche{me} promises to push reset on your stressed skin for that smooth and glowing road ahead.


Rejuvenate {me}
The name of the game here is hydration. Formulated to handle dry skin, fine lines and promote a smoother-looking complexion, this serum and mask use ginseng root extract and vitamin C to protect skin from damage caused by exposure to stress and pollution. 


Brighten {me}
With wu zhu fruit extract and vitamin B3, this formula supposedly packs a powerful radiance wallop that’ll prevent skin damage due to exposure to UV and HEV light, and improve luminosity, skin-evenness and tone.


Clear & Mattify {me}
Everything you could ever need to combat breakouts is formulated in this acne control serum and mask. They incorporate iris root extract, vitamin A, and skin-soothing extracts of babchi seeds that is said to reduce acne scarring and blackheads. Beyond just nixing existing zits, the serum aims to reduce hyper pigmentation. 

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