Why you should pay attention to the new Korean skincare brand Su:m 37°

Why you should pay attention to the new Korean skincare brand Su:m 37°

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: sum37_official

With unique, user-friendly packaging and affordable but luxurious products, Su:m 37° is the new Korean skincare brand on everyone's lips

Another day, another new Korean skincare brand. We do admit that although the trend is still going strong, it can get confusing with so many brands on the market. From online offerings of hard-to-find brands, to names from the big players like Amore Pacific, even here in Singapore, we are often spoilt for choice. The newest kid on the block is Su;m 37°, under LG Household and Healthcare. This brand is specifically centred around a unique essence and the fermentation process — that literally lets nature take its course.Water-Full Deep Effect Ampoules

The ingredients used in the making of Su:m37 ̊ products "are harvested according to their righful seasons and extracted according to their life cycles," says the brand. In fact, Su:m37° has a Natural Fermentation Research Institute (NFRI) located in Gangwon-do — a pristine mountainous and forested province in the north-eastern part of South Korea. The star essence that goes into every Su:m37 ̊ product is derived from more than 80 types of local plant varieties that have been fermented and aged in cedar barrels, for a whopping 365 days, with some aged in the barrels for a long as a decade: Talk about a long-term project! The reason these ingredients are so good for your skin? A patented compound called 'cytosis' has been attained using a biological process that taps on micro-organisms that are able to produce, distribute and convert ingredients into a by-product that is good for human skin and also highly efficacious without preservatives, artificial colorants and fragrances.
Water-full Timeless Moisturizing Cream

But science is not the main thing that consumers think about. When it comes to products, most of us simply want products that work and fit well into our lifestyles, and this is where the brand excels. The star product from the brand is the Secret Essence which has a patented form of ferulic acid to rebuild the skin's foundation and strengthen it against pollution. But we also love other products including the Water-full range, that is chock-full of bamboo sap extract and is lightweight yet highly hydrating. The Deep Effect ampoules are an intensive treatment in semi-futuristic looking clear vials that is like a re-moisturisation programme for the skin. And the Water-full Timeless Moisturizing Cream comes with a magnetised spatula that is not just a cool design element, but a nifty user-friendly tool as it means that you'll never lose your applicator. Besides the clever packaging, the luxurious textures and interesting products are worth a try. 

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