Hera introduces three new face masks for the Korean skincare addicts

Hera introduces three new face masks for the Korean skincare addicts

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Mad about Hera? Now you can extend your obsession for their makeup goodies to skincare with its new mask trio

Those who are firmly in camp Hera since the Korean beauty brand made its Singapore debut now have another reason to peruse its shelves. Launching a line of face masks for its Seoullite fans, Hera has formulated three unique leave-on and wash-off clay and gel-based masks that work with a speedy, fuss-free efficacy to produce results in a flash for the busy urban woman.

Made with natural ingredients that target specific skin woes, these new masks also protect and brighten complexions constantly exposed to city environs. So which one should you pick up on your next run to the Hera counter? Check out the mask(s) that's made for you below:

Use: Blue Clay Cooling Mask

Imbued with mineral kaolin to absorb sebum build-up, this is the mask for those with clogged pore concerns. Using it once a week helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities for a smoother complexion, plus the proprietary Octa-Berry Complex made from eight different types of berries gives the mask a strong antioxidant action. Bonus: You'll feel a cooling sensation during application thanks to menthoxypropanediol (excuse the convoluted science-y name), an ingredient that interacts with the skin's heat receptors. It's not called 'cooling' just for show.

Hera Blue Clay Cooling Mask

Use: Bubble Awakening Mask

If you need a helping hand with a less than ideal skin texture, you'll want to give this bubbling mask a whirl. It first goes on as a gel before generating micro bubbles that reach deep into the skin to draw out impurities. Once you wash if off, you're left with a bouncy and soft complexion as the anti-bacterial eucalyptus oil works with menthe piperita leaf extracts to simultaneously calm and retain the skin's moisture. This one's great for reducing flakiness and prepping your skin to give makeup a smooth base to glide onto.

Hera Bubble Awakening Mask

Use: Aqua Recharging Sleeping Mask

As the name implies, this is an overnighter that'll see you greeting the dawn with #Iwokeuplikethis skin. Specially targeting irritated or tired complexions, this leave-on mask has an extremely light and watery formula that injects hydration deep into the dermis throughout the night to constantly feed your skin with moisture. It comes infused with coconut oil to boot, which contains lipids beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Besides achieving a supple and glowy face post-masking, your skin is also shielded against fine dust and the risk of inflammation.

Hera Aqua Recharging Sleeping Mask

$38 each. The face masks are available at the Hera counter at Takashimaya Shopping Centre