Guerlain Super Tips are the mini skin saviours that will get you through the day

Guerlain Super Tips are the mini skin saviours that will get you through the day

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Text: Priscilla Tan

Guerlain's mini, emergency skin soothers are designed to provide relief in an instant

The wonderful thing about Guerlain Super Tips?  They are miniatures that you can pop in your bag, use on-the-go, and look instantly better after. With the total of five Super Tips —Midnight Secret, Radiance in a Flash, Super Lips, Crème SOS and Stop Spot — Guerlain has geared you for the everyday, with the ultimate beauty survival kit to keep worries at bay. Here are our top three picks:

An extra two hours of sleep can make a world of difference and the Midnight Secret is just the key to locking in the extra hours without hitting the snooze button (again) . Wake up beautiful with the hydonoctine complex, a cocktail blend of eight ingredients, which revitalises your skin the same way sleep does. Ginkgo biloba, a key ingredient, encourages microcirculation and promotes detoxification to eradicate any indication of whatever it is that might have kept you up late the night before. An added perk is the fragrance, a blend of lavender and tonka bean, known for a mix of energising and calming properties. 


A rosy, golden glow is not the easiest to achieve, but the stretch gel texture of the Radiance in a Flash helps you get one step closer. Ingredients such as artemisia and ruscus boost circulation, creating a lit-from-within glow. Orange lends its citrusy zest to accompany the instantaneous effect of tightened and smoothened skin. Handy as it is, whether you are preparing for a day in the office or a night out dancing, this refreshing mini superhero will breathe life into dull and tired skin.


The occasional spot pops up from time to time and the Stop Spot is the number one enemy to spots. With all the qualities of a good soldier, the successor to the legendary Crème Camphrea, attacks tactically — camouflaging and taking out the enemy with just a dab. Pulling out all stops, the extra-purifying formula is packed full of camphor, cleansing and soothing zinc and salicylic acid to micro-exfoliate blemishes. A dash of allantoin calms the redness and expedites blemish elimination, promising death to any spot.


$40 each. At Guerlain counters