Good as Goldea: Inside Bulgari's new scent

Good as Goldea: Inside Bulgari's new scent

Precious metal

Text: Renée Batchelor

With its history as a storied fine jeweller, its no wonder Bulgari treats each of its exquisite fragrance creations like a piece of jewellery. Meet its newest dazzler, Goldea

Gold. There's a reason this precious metal has held its value for thousands of years. From gold coins being exchanged at ancient marketplaces to gold in jewellery being used as a sign of wealth to even gold bars being presented as modern day dowries, you simply can't go wrong with this investment. When it comes to jewellery, gold has an allure all of its own: classic yet eternally modern. We like the original, yellowish patina of what is now known as yellow gold, though the more modern versions, rose and white gold, have gained their fair share of fans.

Following the release of
Rose Goldea in Asia earlier this year, Bulgari's new Goldea fragrance highlights the beauty and simplicity of this material which has been used by the jewellery house for over 130 years. Like Rose Goldea, Goldea is inspired by Cleopatra, and attempts to celebrate her incandescent aura. Fun fact: Cleopatra once disguised herself as Aphrodite to appear in front of her future husband Antony. Bedecked in gold, and seated on a gold throne and under a canopy of woven, gold thread, the woman clearly knew how to make an entrance. Created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, he said "Like a goldsmith, I wanted to chisel the radiance of gold, like a frozen drop of water crossing a luminous field." Morillas wanted to create a sensual and profound creation that radiates on naked skin, and set about to capture the richness and nuances of a palette of stylised white musks.

Goldea model jewellery
Goldea, the scent, has been described as a floral-Oriental, and an "interplay of textures, colour and light." Musk in omnipresent at all facets of the scent — the head, heart and base notes. It's top note of musk mingles and enhances the floral lightness of orange blossom and is prolonged itself by the voluptuousness of ylang ylang and a cascade of jasmine petals in its heart. The base notes leave a trail of ambery musk and golden patchouli as well as Egyptian papyrus. Says Morillas, "Goldea is a true hymn to musks. It verges on the unreasonable, recalling the extravagant volumes of Bulgari jewels. But this very particular mix of musks, with their persistent intensity, is decidedly neither dated nor baroque. If it were an object, it would be a golden sculpture by Brancusi. With its shape that creates a unique and timeless touch, soft, smooth and silky."

Goldea bottle
Speaking of smooth and silky, let's talk about the bottle. You can't make a scent called Goldea without some serious use of the colour gold, yet as with all thing Bulgari, the final flaçon is tasteful and restrained. The cabochon-shaped bottle top recalls the gleaming power of the sun, while around the neck of the bottle, the Serpenti pattern in a gold finish, recalls the iconic motif of the house in a subtle way. Even the juice inside glows and shimmers like liquid gold. Auspicious, audacious and voluptuous, this elegant scent is certainly worth its weight in a certain precious metal.