Get Cara Delevingne's sultry summer look

Get Cara Delevingne's sultry summer look

Sun and sand

Text: Renée Batchelor

For Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's summer collection, Savage Escape, take a desert road trip

Like Thelma and Louise it's time to take a road trip through the dusty, desert plains. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Beauté captures the spirit and essence of the landscape — think scorching blue skies, billowing clouds and golden mounds of sand — in its brilliant new colour collection.


If you want to sport sexy coloured liner like Miss Delevingne, try the brand's Full Metal Shadow in Blue Clyde. Pair this with gorgeously bronzed skin — the brand has a collection of the three Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones: Sunstone, Fire Opal and Jasper. Because its a sheer powder-balm, this is easy to apply without looking overly-orange and is made of ultra-fine pigments to brighten, smoothen and highlight the skin.

Bronzing Stone


And what's summer without a touch of colour? Wear them on your nails — YSL has a shimmery pink that cleverly mimics the pink flecks in granite — or on your lips. The Gloss Volupté in the evocatively-named Rose Eldorado has all the multi-faceted glimmer of sunset on a desert horizon. Find out more on how to use these easy-to-apply products from the brand's Creative Director of Makeup Lloyd Simmonds. 

How did you achieve the dramatic eye look in the ad campaign starring Cara Delevingne?
I used the Full Metal Shadows, which I personally feel is a great modern way to do eye makeup. You take a swipe of the sponge applicator using the gold along the roofs of the lash on the top lid, then smudge with your fingers, and leave it to dry. To get a strong sense of contrast, I did the same thing on the lower lashes, using the blue shade. Add mascara, and that's it! What I love about this look is that you don't need to be a makeup artist to do it, and yet it is still directional.

What makes Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones so different to any other bronzer?
They are completely weightless, so you don't see any trace of product on the face, just colour. If suits all complexions as you can apply if on top of foundation to add life to it, or directly to bare skin. It's very versatile too — a quick brush of powder over the cheeks and nose gives a healthy glow to the skin, but you can also brush if all over the face, neck and collar-bone in a darker shade, for an allover fanned effect. The whole point of summer is to ease up on things — including your makeup routine — and I love the way this leaves the beauty of your skin shine through.

YSL Summer 2016

Can the Bronzing Stones be used for contouring and sculpting the face?
Absolutely — the texture is so fine that if works really well. Just use one of the shades that's darker than your skin tone, then with a narrow brush, sweep it underneath your cheekbones and up towards the ear. Repeat under your chin and jawline, brushing and blending if downwards towards the neck. Next, brush on to your temples and at the roof of the hairline. The overall effect is to accentuate bone structure and enhance your features. Try and avoid the temptation to overly correct though — in my experience, sculpting the nose works for pictures but it's easy to get wrong for real life.

YSL Tattoos

How can you wear the two shades of blue in the Couture Palette Collector Savage Beauty in a modern way?
The dark blue is modern in itself, because it's not too highly pigmented. Just as everyone looks good in jeans, everyone can wear this shade of blue. Apply if to both upper and lower lash lines and blend if outwards for a touch of drama. The paler blue has a slightly more shimmery texture and can be worn as a highlighter or a wash of colour. I particularly like it when it's applied to the inner corner of the lid or in the centre of the upper eye lid. It gives a lift to the eye and adds a touch of Shimmer, which isn't difficult to wear.

How did you use the tattoos on Cara Delevingne?
I love these tattoos because they look great on the skin. They're easy to use — you just cut out whichever bit of the tattoo you want, place if on the skin, and then press with a wet sponge Until the image has transferred  — seconds rather than minutes! We used them on Cara as if they were jewellery, on her fingers and feet, like rings and bracelets. They're fun and easy!


From $39-$105. At Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters and stores from May