The one red carpet facial you have to try

The one red carpet facial you have to try

Breath of fresh air

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you want a facial that's like a burst of pure oxygen for your skin, this one from Freia Aesthetics is a winner

I've tried a fair number of facials in my eight years on the beauty beat, but few have had the instantaneous results of the Freia Red Carpet Oxygen Facial. Tucked away on the nineteenth floor of Wisma Atria — a location that is both convenient yet discreet — it is easy to see how this facial can become an addiction. Like its name suggests, this facial basically injects your skin with a dose of pure moisture and oxygen, by using Skinceuticals' efficient and potent serums and an Intraceuticals oxygen device. The result? Fresh, glowing skin that could put a baby's bottom to shame.

Says Freia Aesthetics medical director Dr. Harold Ma, "In this facial, we're using an oxygen infusion system to push serums deep into the dermis of the skin. What it does is that it layers hyaluronic acid serums into the skin systematically, resulting in porcelain skin and an instant lifting effect." And the effect is not just instant, but has long-term benefits as well. "Beyond the red carpet glow, the skin ages more slowly with continued treatment. Fine lines appear less obvious and sagging is also reduced. Doing this facial once every two to four weeks is a good interval, but some clients come back weekly, and that's not a problem, as the products used are gentle enough."

Freia Aesthetics

The facial has all the usual elements: a cleanse, scrub, steam and gentle extraction (we did not ask for heavy extraction), before pure oxygen is airbrushed gently over the entire face with a customisable blend of Skinceuticals serums. My therapist Fion recommended a hydration serum and one to treat my skin's uneveness, based on her assessment as well as my concerns. It was quite a relaxing feeling as the therapist gently sprayed the serum into the skin really saturating the face and neck area. The device uses pure oxygen to really help the nutrients penetrate, and this is the key to the treatment's success. This was followed by application of a collagen sheet mask — that was specially created by Dr. Ma — for 15 minutes. For those who love human touch, you'll be glad to know the facial ends off with a soothing and firming massage to smoothen out facial lines and strengthen muscle tissue for a visibly contoured face. Having been accustomed to so-so results with most facials, I was visibly shocked at the appearance of my skin. My complexion was soft, supple and bouncy, my face more lifted and my skin appeared much more even and luminous, almost like I'd applied a thin layer of foundation over it. This is one facial I would highly recommend if you want something that packs a powerful punch without the use of lasers, peels and the like. As to when you should plan your facial — it seems a day or two before is fine. "Most people don't have the time to do this facial on the day of the event itself, but you can do it one to two days before — the glow and the effect will last, " assures Dr. Ma.


From $380 for 90 minutes. Freia Aesthetics is at #19-03 Wisma Atria Office Tower, 8223-0609