Into the gloss: Why we loved our hair glossing at Next Salon

Into the gloss: Why we loved our hair glossing at Next Salon

Shiny, happy hair

Text: Andrea Sim

A non-damaging quick fix that gives you a glossy, natural finish. What's not to love?

For those who want a drastic change in hair colour, glossing (otherwise known as semi-permanent colour) will not make the cut. If you are, however, simply looking for a richer, fuller-bodied version of your natural hue like I was, then a gloss treatment at Next is right up your alley.

The ammonia in traditional dye treatments not only irritates sensitive scalps, but also leaves you with brittle locks after one too many dye jobs; something that I've experienced the hard way. However, a hair gloss treatment is a milder, semi-permanent version of the traditional dye, and a low-commitment decision. I came away from my gloss treatment at Next with an enhanced and darkened shade of my natural hue, and I have been advised that it will fade within a month or so to reveal my original shade; perfect for the commitment-phobe like myself. 

My natural hair colour has a dark brown base with medium brown streaks, and despite toying with the idea of going jet black, I left the shade of gloss up to the good people at Next to decide. The entire process spanned about an hour (application, setting, and the wash and rinse), with only a 10-minute wait for the gloss to set – a fraction of the waiting time that dye jobs require. The quick fix has given my tresses a shiny and rich ebony hue, with warm mocha in the mix: a combination I'm entirely satisfied with. On top of that, glossing has improved the texture of my hair. It is now soft and supple to the touch, which is definitely a departure from its usual semi-frizzy state.

The tonal effect that glossing provides is yet another leg up on traditional dye jobs that leaves you with a flat and unnaturally opaque colour. While I still have to wait and see how long the gloss treatment actually lasts, it is safe to say that its benefits are reason enough to put me firmly in the pro-gloss camp. And it's a long time coming before I get another regular dye job.

Hair gloss treatments (semi-permanent) from $95 at Next, 271A Holland Avenue, 6467-3323. Or visit them here