Invest in your skin's future with this line from Shiseido

Invest in your skin's future with this line from Shiseido

Complexion perfection

Text: Renée Batchelor

When was the last time you thought of your skincare routine not as a task, but as a relaxing ritual? Read on to find out how Shiseido puts the the luxe back into a luxury regimen

If there's one brand that successfully combines the benefits of science and technology with the history of traditional rituals, ingredients and gestures, it's Shiseido. And now the brand has reformulated most of the products in its Future Solution LX thanks to groundbreaking plant longevity research. The new ingredient? SkingenecellEnmei. It is derived from an ancient botanical, the Enmei herb, that has a history of longevity. Japanese Kukai legend or Kobo Daishi says the herb was first given by a Buddhist monk to an ailing traveller to save him. And like the plot twist in a comic book, the scientists at Shiseido (with the help of a plant expert) acquired a master Enmei herb from the foot of Mount Koya, where this legend was first born. Shiseido then cultivated this master plant to produce the highest quality extracts.
Hokkaido Angelica Root Extract
But because the brand is all about the science, this key ingredient was also paired with Skingenecell 1P and vitamin C Ethyl II to create SkingenecellEnmei, a high performance active. This active is infused in all the products, from the eye cream to the softener, except for the Cleansing Foam. Other ingredients are garnered from Japan, include premium green tea extract from Kyoto, angelica root from extract from Hokkaido and Oshima sakura leaf extract — talk about getting the best out of the land of the rising sun. Even the fragrance is an exceptional blend of Japanese scents: Cherry blossom, plum blossom and Japanese rose, that is delicate and relaxing.

The star products are the Total Protecting Cream E (for day) and the Regenerating Cream E (for night). Although they have rich textures, these simply melt into skin upon being massaged in. The night cream in particular is enriched with the highest concentration of SkingenecellEnmei Complex so that skin is firmer, more resilient and more radiant overnight. Another interesting product is the Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream that is designed to be used not just on crow's feet and dark circles, but on dreaded nasolabial folds as well. If taking the time to pamper yourself with your skincare is something you're prepared to do, investing in the range will surely result in a healthier, more youthful complexion.

Available at Shiseido counters from August