The frizz-fighting hair treatment at Chez Vous that actually works

The frizz-fighting hair treatment at Chez Vous that actually works

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Find out how the salon's Amplified Keratin Treatment can change your life, or at least save hours of your time

If you're generally happy with your hair but wish it could look a little more polished, Chez Vous' Amplified Keratin treatment might just be the right fit for you. This protein treatment strengthens hair, by infusing it with glyoxylic acid, keratin and silk proteins to make it more resistant to breakage. Although it is not a straightening treatment per se —  no hair bonds are broken and reshaped — a brilliant 'side effect' is that it will smoothen the hair thanks to the layer of keratin and silk protein that seals and mends the cuticle. Somewhat similar to the result of a Brazilian Blowout, this treatment is miles better as it doesn't damage your hair nor does it contain any formaldehyde.

Although I was initially hesitant to try it on my over-bleached tresses, Sam Chok, my experienced stylist from Chez Vous assured me that instead of damaging my hair, the treatment would make it less brittle. He started with a strengthening pre-treatment. The procedure itself is quite lengthy so do set aside at least three hours of your time. The hair and scalped are cleansed before the keratin treatment is carefully applied and hair is flat-ironed — heat activates it.

I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate result. Although the frizz in my hair was significantly reduced, it did not leave my locks with the unnatural flatness associated with rebonding or relaxing. I was sent home with an entire range of products including keratin shampoo, conditioner, masks and oils to complement the treatment. Chok said that certain chemicals like sulfates found in regular shampoos and conditioners might strip away the keratin seal on my hair cuticle and thus shorten the treatment's lifespan. Following the at-home regimen is crucial to this pricey treatment's longevity.

Two weeks on and my hair looks like it's on the second day of its blowout with little styling required. To help hair look even neater, it is recommended that your blowdry your hair (roughly with your hands is fine) so that the heat from your hairdryer will 'activate' the keratin in the treatment. For someone who has to deal with frizz on a daily basis, this treatment is pretty life-changing — I don't require salon blowouts any more and my hair looks neater, but is neither flat nor stick-straight. In fact hair resembles the 'undone' look currently seen on runways, where it has a bit of shape and bounce minus a halo of unruly fuzz. Depending on the care you take post-treatment, the effects last up to three months. 

From $375. At Chez Vous #05-05 Ngee Ann City or visit them here.