Local beauty brands to try

Local beauty brands to try

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Text: Samantha Joy Loh

With a whole host of beauty and skincare brands on offer, going local has never been easier

Singapore may be a small red dot on the map, but its achievements are larger than life. And as the country has transformed from a fishing village to a grand, bustling metropolis, there has also been a shift in demand from imported, luxury goods to more homegrown brands that offer the same high quality and wonderful results. Here are four beauty brands to know and love  — if you don't already do.

13Rushes was started after its creators saw a PETA video that showed just how fur and animal byproducts were made. They then sought to create a fine selection of cruelty-free brushes which came at affordable prices so that everyone could use and enjoy them. Every brush is painstakingly designed, selected, trimmed and perfected before hitting the online store so that they feel brilliantly soft against the skin. Detail is taken all the way down to material used, with brushes made of dryklon — a quick-drying and mold-resistant fibre that works well and dries well.

Their star products include the 13Rave brush that creates an airbrushed lightweight powder finish, the Ultimate Shader 3.0 for that perfect contour, and the Precision Highlighter that ensures the most luminous glow.

13Rushes 13Rave Brush, $26

Carragheen is a boutique in Singapore which started out providing customised facials to its many customers but later expanded to create their own line of eyelash extensions and eyelash care. The brand totally gets the modern woman's beauty needs. With the craze of eyelash extensions taking over the country and no specific brand to provide care to our precious peepers, she created Carragheen's LashMagic line to ensure that all extensions are taken care of in the most fuss-free way.

The star products include the Eye Makeup Remover Pads which are soft spongey pads that already contain product to effectively and safely remove eye makeup without causing your extension glue to weaken or eyelash extensions to drop out prematurely. The range also includes Eyelash Extension Micro Swabs and an Eyelash Cleansing Lotion which clean dirt from the extensions so that original lashes remain healthy and strong as ever.

Carragheen Eye Makeup Remover Pads, Eyelash Cleansing Lotion, Eyelash Extension Micro Swab, Eyelash Serum and Long Lasting Coat

Allies of Skin
Allies for Skin is new to the industry but has made significant waves in the local beauty scene. When it comes to quality over quantity, Allies of Skin means it especially when they launched only one product and still got everyone talking about it.

With a focus on creating smart, effective products with potent antioxidants and intelligent nutrients, their star product — the 1A All-Day Mask — does it all. Allies of Skin founder Nicolas Travis, wanted to create skincare that was effortless and not time-consuming, he came up with a mask that could be worn over any type of skincare and still give the most adaptable texture. Over the long run, the skin's natural collagen production increases, acne lesions are reduced, and the user is left with a healthy glowing complexion.

Allies of Skin 1A All-Day Mask, $99

IDS Clinic
IDS Clinic is is helmed by Dr SK Tan, who decided to use his 30 years of experience to bring zeal and commitment to his customers through products which promise nothing but amazing results.

True to their word, IDS' Skincare Range has received numerous awards, accolades and media mentions; and it is safe to say that these products deserve all the acclaim they get. Each of them have been scientifically formulated to deliver maximum efficacy by using cutting-edge ingredients in optimal concentrations so that smooth, flawless skin, no longer remains a dream.

Its star products include its C+ which boasts a new form of stable vitamin C to tackle firmness and dullness, Clear which has been reputed as an amazing comedone eliminator and the S2 Non-Tinted SunScreen which provides SPF50 coverage and a glorious matte finish.

IDS C-Plus, $150, Clear, $76 and S2 Non-Tinted Sunscreen SPF50, $73

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