#FirstClassFriday: Dior Prestige La Cure

Skin rebirth

#FirstClassFriday: Dior Prestige La Cure
The ultimate luxury elixir for your skin, Dior Prestige La Cure, is enriched with the power of Granville roses and offers skin a complete regeneration

What if there was a miracle 'cure' for your skin that would restore it to its previous, youthful vitality. Sound impossible? Dior Prestige La Cure is a three-week programme designed to just that. This luxury skincare set — a trio of three vials of rich, amber-coloured liquid that is designed to be used in succession — is packed with the power of Rose de Granville oil. This extract is especially precious due to the fact that the harvest for Rose de Granville only happens twice a year. Furthermore, when they bloom the roses have to be plucked within an hour and cold-pressed to retain their freshness. For this reason, La Cure is only produced in limited quantities — once it sells out, that is it for that particular year.

Dior Prestige La Cure

The secret behind the precious La Cure is the Rose de Granville extract, that helps reactivate the mechanisms of tissue regeneration in the skin. The real power of this elixir is its ability to solve the skin's inflammation problem — a major cause of skin stress and ageing. Designed as a three-week cure, each amber-coloured liquid has the voluptuous texture and sensorial pleasure of an oil with the penetration and concentration of the most potent serum, in a next generation formulation. The first vial helps reset the skin, the second renews your complexion while the third perfects it — the liquid in each amphora becoming darker as the weeks progress.

Skin is literally reborn, with a new resilience and resulting glow. And when it comes to pure luxury, no expense has been spared. Each vial is housed in exquisite blown glass and each amphora is sealed with gold thread and stamped with white wax, which testifies to its purity. Each set of La Cure also comes with a certificate of traceability, guaranteeing the freshness and potency of the Rose de Granville extract inside. Finally, as the serum is designed to be applied with a special technique developed by the Dior Institute, this will be taught to you upon purchase, to guarantee optimum absorption. The devil's in the details indeed. 

$2,050. Available in limited quantities at Dior counters and stores

Text: Renée Batchelor

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