Find out where you can get this awesome blue lipstick, plus other brilliant shades

Artist Rouge

Find out where you can get this awesome blue lipstick, plus other brilliant shades
With the revamped Artist Rouge lipsticks, Make Up For Ever has a lipstick for every whim, look and occasion

For the relaunch of its Artist Rouge lipstick, Make Up For Ever called upon Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop to front its campaign. And if you loved the iconic blue lipstick, C603, worn by the group's Aino Jawo, you'll be happy to know this shade will be available in stores soon. At the launch party last week, everyone from the brand representatives to the male waiters wore the colour — many topped off with glitter — and the eye-catching hue actually suited a variety of skin tones.

Rouge Artist applied on Icona Pop's Caroline

Divided into two finishes — matte and cream — the lipsticks come in 46, stunning shades. The intense pigments of the lipsticks are due the innovative 'show-off color' technology — a specific pigment treatment that highlights the original purity of each lipstick colour. Unlike normal lippies, the colour pigments are grinded three times, thus reducing and streamlining their size. Because of the identically-sized, micro-fine pigments, the lipsticks give off an intense light reflection and radiant colour on the lips for an immediate, noticeable effect. In addition, pigments are blended with transparent oils to retain the true colours in all its purity.

The star shade C603
The brand also used special waxes for this lipstick that were organised like meshwork, so they could trap pigments as the oils in the formula evaporate, for longer-lasting colour. The Cream lipstick lasts up to eight hours while the Matte formula lasts a whopping ten hours. Also in the lippie brew are
 macadamia and mallow oils to nourish the lips so they are comfortable and don't feel dry. Another thing you may have noticed? The high-precision and unique bullet design of the lipsticks that was created by Make Up For Ever founder Dany Sanz. The sharp, beveled drop offers precise application, whether you're a professional or an everyday woman, for a polished, elegant finish. And the shades are another major draw. With everything from a pale lilac grey to a pure white to nudes, pinks and reds of different undertones, you'll be more than spoilt for choice. Here are our 11 favourite colours below. 

$35 each. At Make Up For Ever counters and stores from 15 September

Text: Renée Batchelor

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