The Buro Team Review: 5 topshelf face masks for your bathroom cabinet

The Buro Team Review: 5 topshelf face masks for your bathroom cabinet

Keep calm and mask on

Text: Angelyn Kwek

What's the latest and greatest in the skincare playing field? The Buro team gives five different facial masks a road test

If you haven't been living under a rock — or skipping out on checking in with us every few hours — your radar would have pinged something fierce this past Wednesday when the Buro Festival went down. There was champers all around, cool kid crowds, and an atmosphere as hot as fire. Like, literally fire — a duo of fire breathers took the stage and made it lit AF (cue the selfies). Needless to say, the team needed a little pick-me-up of the skin loving variety post-festival partying. Thank the beauty gods for the Sephora goodie bag that came in the mail. Take one mask and pass it around, we say. With a variety of new-in textures and skincare benefits, we're chipping in with our two cents' worth by reviewing five different mask types.

From classic mudpacks to newfangled 'how-does-this-work' masks hailing from Korea, check out the unique formulas that will give your skin the rehydrating, resurfacing, re-energising and repairing boost it needs:


Dr Jart Firming Lover Rubber Mask

What it is: This two-step program includes a cream and a rubber mask to firm the skin.

Mask texture: Rubber

What I loved about it: Firstly, the name this Korean brand's given to this pink mask already had me hot and bothered — let's just say it's been a while since I've been with a firming lover. Once you scoop up the thickly textured cream — which they call an ampoule of serum — as you head into the first step, your skin is lathered with a cooling, gooey layer of goodness thanks to the strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry extracts. The mask itself is rubber and split into two parts, so it's a step up from those flimsy sheets of yore. Made of brown seaweed and algae, its cooling properties gave my skin a much-needed break. Because it's heavier than regular sheet masks, it weighed down comfortably on the skin. It's extremely fragile — one small chunk was torn before I even smoothed it out. After 40 minutes, my skin was noticeably rosier, but due to the texture of the mask and my combination skin type, there was a layer of dewiness that might not take too well in Singapore's humidity — but great for a pick-me-up session in the office. — Adibah Isa, culture editor

Rating: 4/5


Blithe Patting Splash Mask Rejuvenating Purple Berry

What it is: This mask contains a concentrated blend of lactic acid and antioxidant packed berries to enhance skin elasticity and firmness. It provides exfoliating, deep cleansing, moisturising, and PH-balancing effects all at once.

Mask texture: Liquid

Why it's great: As the name suggests, I liked how the application was similar to one of a toner. All I needed to do was to splash and pat, while diluting the formula at the same time — essentially it was like washing your face. I also loved the smell, which was fruity and refreshing. My face did feel thoroughly cleansed after, but lacked a moisturising aspect. The mask seemed more like a cleanser as opposed to feeling like you just had a mask routine done. — Janice Sim, lifestyle writer

Rating: 3.5/5


Glamglow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

What it does: A 10-minute 'facial in a jar' that provides deep exfoliation, smooths out fine lines and softens skin for an instant glowing, camera-ready complexion.

Mask texture: Clay

Why it's great: This one does exactly what it says on the tin. Formulated with French Sea Clay to absorb impurities, a thin layer is all you need. As I began applying the concoction, the 'tingle' sensation kicked in almost immediately so if you have even an iota of skin sensitivity, it will burn. I did get watery-eyed but once that settled, the mask dried down with a tightening effect. A thorough wash off later — you have to rub in circular motions to work the exfoliating volcanic pumice rock — and my skin was so soft it could (possibly) rival a baby's bottom. But take note not to scrub too hard, as the granules are pretty rough. Still, all that dull, dead skin was sloughed off and I had a squeaky clean glow. Definitely a Holy Grail mask to break out when your skin needs a miracle. — Angelyn Kwek, writer

Rating: 4.5/5


Sephora Collection Gel Mask Hydrating and Quenching 

What it is: A fuss-free gel mask that hydrates your skin in just five to 10 minutes.

Mask texture: Gel

What I love about it: It's easy to apply and unlike other masks where you pretty much have to keep your face as still as possible to prevent it from falling off, this one's great because you can do whatever you want with it on your face. Also, because it's transparent and odourless, you can't even tell that there's a mask on. It's super easy to remove too (with just cotton pads) and only needs to be used twice a week. Bonus: As it's a gel, there's a cooling sensation when you apply it on. I have rather dry skin, so this helped although the results are rather subtle. Would recommend it for those who want a fuss-free hydrating mask or if you're the resident lazy girl when it comes to skincare. — Clara Tan, editorial intern

Rating: 3.5/5


Caolion Hot & Cold Pore Pack Duo 

What it is: A two-step pore pack that deep cleanses impurities and blackheads, as well as tightens and minimises the appearance of pores.

Mask texture: Cream

Why it's great: This detoxifying duo consists of a steaming mask and a cooling mask, which work together in order to get rid of blackheads and enlarged pores on your skin. The hot Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack exfoliates dead skin cells with its brilliant blend of charcoal and natural spring water. I loved that it was as easy as slathering a small amount on the face (or targeted area — in my case, my nose), waiting five to 10 minutes, and then washing it off with cold water. There is a heating effect, so be mindful to avoid your eyes. Once that's done and dusted, swipe a tiny dose of the cool Premium Pore Original Pack on, which tightens pores and hydrates skin with an infusion of Alaskan glacial water and menthol. On the contrary, this will cool your skin and soothe any skin irritations you might have. The result? Goodbye blackheads, and hello smoother, clearer, and tighter skin. — Amelia Chia, deputy editor

Rating: 4/5

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