5 ways to wear blonde

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5 ways to wear blonde
Think blonde hair is overdone? Here are five styles to rock that’ll shake up this shade

In an alternate universe where movie titles were reality-grounded truisms, it's said that gentlemen prefer blondes... and if you took Marilyn Monroe as the yardstick for flaxen-headed bombshells, you'd be golden. But on this side of the dimensional plane, blonde hair doesn't necessarily elicit the same reaction unless you sport a 'do so chic it literally makes heads turn. So what jazzing up can be had that'll give your mane — bleached or otherwise — that extra something to nudge you above the cookie cutter crowd? A cool cut, for starters, makes all the difference, then there's creative styling to play up your crowning glory, tossed in with some out-there textures. Let's count the ways to rock blonde with oomph:

The edgy pixie
More close-cropped than ever with a razed undercut and casually tousled locks, ScarJo has been so on-point with her hair game, she's the ultimate pixie cut inspo. The actress (and her cheekbones) displays what the right cut and styling can do for your facial structure, so communicate with a good hairstylist who'll know how to frame your face right.

Scarlett Johanson pixie hair cut

The topknot pony
The newest face to cause a stir on the runways — better known by her Instagram handle @golden_barbie — Jasmine Sanders nails a two-in-one look by combining the topknot with the ponytail. Texture is key here for those piecey-looking, beachy waves so that your 'do has that more body and doesn't hang flat.

Edgy blonde hairstyles

The sleek sidepart
Consider laying off the touch-up next time around because blonde doesn't always have to be pristine. Coco Rocha shows you how to pull off classy with lived-in locks by rocking a slicked-down platinum mane with about an inch of dark roots, adding a twist to what is otherwise a tame hairstyle.

Edgy blonde hairstyles

The grungy lob
Remember when Posh Spice debuted the 'Pob' nearly a decade ago? This is the 2017 take on the infamous hairstyle that spurred droves of women to go for the chop. Here, Diane Kruger eschewed the usual centre part for a dramatic sidesweep with mussed forelocks draping the side of the face for an undone look.

Edgy blonde hairstyles

The cornrow coif
You can't get more distinctive than with tight braids twisted close to the scalp, and Zoe Kravitz puts it to the test as she proves that icy blonde looks just as good natted up as it does being jet-straight. Though if you've harbouring trepidations on going full-out, ease into the style with cornrows on the sides and work from there.

Edgy blonde hairstyles

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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