Easy nail art designs for a salon-worthy manicure: Stripes, rainbow tips, and more

Easy nail art designs for a salon-worthy manicure: Stripes, rainbow tips, and more

Nailed it

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @paintboxnails

From what we can tell, there are two types of people you'll observe during this period of self-isolation. There's those who are upping their game with regard to typical beautification practices, and those who, uh, don't. If the former is the camp you belong in, welcome! And keep reading, because we have more knowledge to dispense upon all you inquisitive beauty buffs. As of late, we've tackled new-age self-care tricks, anxiety-dispelling methods, and provided makeup inspiration aplenty by looking to our favourite stars. On today's agenda: bettering your nail art proficiency. To help you along, we've gathered several (fairly) painless — and pretty — nail looks to ace with the most rudimentary of tools. See them all, below.

Glitter stripes

Bust a ruler out if you're particular about the symmetry of this design. Otherwise, all you need is a steady hand and your favourite glitter polish in a bold hue. For a modern touch, opt for a clear base.


Multi-coloured tips

For those with cash to blow, invest in French nail tip guides that are available on Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10. Failing that, get creative and cut out a curved, crescent moon shape using double-sided tape. Line them up along the tip of your nail, then paint your desired hue. Easy-peasy.


Inverse French mani

Using those same helpful tip guides, line it up along the base of the nail instead before reaching for the paint.


Minimalist dots

All you need: a humble toothpick and a heck lot of patience. Dip it into your polish colour of choice, and carefully adorn it upon your nail surface. For the adventurous lot, try alternating sizes of the dots by swapping your stick out for a ball-point pen, brush, and the like.


Watercolour detailing

Or, as we like to call it, paddlepop nails. First things first, pack a colour that both complements and stands out from your base hue. Then, using a toothpick, apply blobs of it onto the nail surface. Next, dip a small brush in acetone solution, then carefully swirl them over said blobs to dilute and diffuse them. Do it on every alternate nail so it doesn't appear OTT.