Drama-free beauty YouTubers to watch: Nyma Tang, Hindash, and NikkieTutorials amongst many others

Drama-free beauty YouTubers to watch: Nyma Tang, Hindash, and NikkieTutorials amongst many others

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @nymatang

Seeing that honesty is the best policy, we'll (grudgingly) acknowledge our love for tea spillage. That is, in layman's terms, our deep fascination for drama within the beauty sphere. We charted James Charles's brutal takedown in 2019; trawled through Instagram for receipts when Jeffree Star dropped his breakup video with long-time beau, Nathan Schwatt; and lapped up the ensuing fallout from Laura Lee's racism scandal. In short: yes, we are Those Petty People. Or, as locals say it, kaypoh.

Still, bearing in mind our recent circumstances, it's safe to say that we've hit our capacity for trivial squabbles — and all it took was a global pandemic to set us straight. Who would have thought? If you, like us, are in need of some wholesome beauty content, you've come to the right place. Below, a roundup of our favourite unproblematic gurus. Came for their artistry, stayed for their respectable reviews and non-toxic attitudes. That's growth, alright.


If we got a dollar every time we heard a beauty YouTuber issue yet another (insincere) apology for some incident that displays a clear lack of understanding of today's climate, we'd be billionaires. There's no danger of that with South Sudanese beauty creator, Nyma Tang, though. Girl gets it: known for carving out a space for underrepresented Black women, each video exhibits a deep understanding of makeup and diversity in 2020. From dealing with cornrows to chocolate-girl friendly beauty, she's our go-to for scathingly honest reviews and constructive call-outs. Did we mention she's also friends with Rihanna?



The Dubai-based makeup artist has been making waves thanks to his flawless expertise, celebrity clientele, and blinding smile. His portfolio is testament to this, with his powder brush having graced the miens of folk such as Sofia Tilbury (yes, that's Charlotte Tilbury's niece), Caroline Labouchere, and fellow YouTuber, Shaeghe Gholamrezaei. His down-to-earth presence makes for easy-watching — helped, of course, by his adorable pooch, Timmy.



Home girl has been around since 2008 — and has been pushing the boundaries ever since. Demonic transformations, rainbow makeup looks, and doing Lady Gaga's makeup aside (!), she's demonstrated incredible grace under duress in 2020 when she was forcibly outed as transgender. Queen of staying in her own lane? We've just got to stan.


Patricia Bright

While she doesn't produce beauty content exclusively, we can't help but be charmed by Bright's bubbly personality and infectious laugh. Her enthusiasm for all things beauty shines through whether she's documenting her virgin experience with bronzer or foundation mixing. The effect can sometimes be more comical than it is technical — and her videos definitely more product-focused than they are tutorials — but we're not complaining.


Safiya Nygaard

As with Patricia Bright, Safiya takes on a more experimental approach when it comes to producing beauty content. If you're into hypnotic videos of someone mixing together every Lush bath bomb possible or crafting the world's largest lipstick set to the latest indie pop hit, well, you're going to like it here.