The best TikTok beauty trends in 2020 so far: #Sockcurls, Wipe It Down, etc

The best TikTok beauty trends in 2020 so far: #Sockcurls, Wipe It Down, etc

For the camera

Text: Yong Le Man

Editor: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @charlidamelio

TikTok is well and alive on our Singaporean shores, but that might not be the case for U.S. residents. The Chinese-owned social media video app — which exploded in popularity amidst lockdown — has recently been besieged by privacy concerns, prompting Donald Trump to threaten a ban unless a "very American company" purchases it by 15 September. Eep. In light of this very real possibility, we've gathered the best of beauty TikToks for your viewing pleasure before the shutters come down on our favourite American users. From heatless curls to foundation tricks of the trade, here's the ones that made a significant impact on our beauty routines.


Nope, this isn't a typo. The recent #SockCurls trend is exactly what it sounds like, where popular TikTok users are showing off just how to curl your luscious locks using nothing but your own socks. This heat-free style is just what you need to protect those tresses from the damage sustained by heat-styling tools. #HairHealthJourney, anyone?

Foundation hack

Ah, the iconic hack that had everyone scrambling to re-think their current routines. Who would have thought that putting on powder first would guarantee a smooth, poreless visage that could last through the elements? Beauty Editor, Emily Heng, tried it for herself to surprising results.

Two-toned brows

Recommended for the bold of heart, this trend sees the tail end of the brow glued down and redrawn with one or several colours. This, thus, creates a two-toned effect between the front of the natural brow and the coloured tail. Whether you want to go monochrome or go ham with the colours, the possibilities are truly endless.

Euphoria Challenge

It's been slightly more than a year since Euphoria's first season premiered on HBO, and we can't get enough of the series' bold beauty looks. A few creators on TikTok have brought back the makeup challenge — with a little twist. Each video starts off with someone bare-faced or wearing minimal makeup, mouthing the lyrics to a slightly chopped version of Bea Miller's Feel Something before falling backward. Once they fall, the song immediately switches to Labrinth's Still Don't Know My Name, and it cuts to staring into the camera in a dark setting — wearing glittery makeup inspired by the series. We can only hope this is a marketing ploy to tease the new season of Euphoria.

Wipe It Down Challenge

A trend that blew up back in May of this year, trendsetters are continually finding new ways to surprise us with their incredible transformations in front of the mirror. For those of you that are still blissfully unaware of this challenge — the idea is simple. Think of it as a modern day 15-second Cinderella story. Shabbily dressed fireplace cleaner transforms to be ready for an evening ball, only to be reverted back to her original state in the blink of an eye.