Home scenting with Diptyque’s Le Sablier Hourglass diffusers

Home scenting with Diptyque’s Le Sablier Hourglass diffusers

Cosy cribs

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Turn your house into a home with the Diptyque Le Sablier Hourglass diffusers

You know your Baies from your Figuier but even if your nose can call it, scenting your home with Diptyque's new Le Sablier Hourglass collection takes a bit more know-how than plonking down a diffuser in a well-ventilated spot. Right off the bat, you need to understand how your diffuser works its osmosis magic — this will go a long way in keeping a room scented, on top of extending product longevity.

Designed just for this purpose, the Le Sablier is outfitted with five wicks inside the slim middle of its luxe flacon to better distribute the scent via a cold-diffusion method. Activating the process requires but a simple turn of the hourglass. This allows the essence to travel from one glass section to the next, soaking the wicks as it goes, which then wafts from a gilded metal sheath hammered with stylised perforations to fill the air with its fragrance. Every flip of the hourglass is a diffusion cycle that equates to an hour of aromatic paradise — a clever way to keep track of your diffuser's mileage (which lasts a total of six months, inclusive of its refill). Topped by coloured tinted glass — a visual marker to differentiate the six scents — and crafted with subtle detailing such as a gently rounded convex bottom, the Le Sablier Hourglass even sits pretty on any surface as a tasteful curio.

Diptyque Le Sablier Hourglass collection

And the battle plan to have these Diptyque diffusers perfuming your crib correctly? There's a scent for every room and every room has its scent:

Recommended Le Sablier Hourglass: 34 boulevard Saint-Germain

Diptyque fans will know this at first whiff to be the fragrance of the flagship store. The signature blend contains crumpled leaves, exotic wood and spices: A warm scent perfect for creating a cosy, welcoming ambience in communal areas of the house.

Recommended Le Sablier Hourglass: Roses

Ah, everyone's sanctum sanctorum. To make the most of your R&R space where you unwind and decompress, the scent of freshly plucked garden roses is the ideal bouquet to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. So here's to aromatic nights of beauty sleep. 

Recommended Le Sablier Hourglass: Fleur d'oranger

Subtle and floral, the citrusy notes are great for lightly scenting a dining area without being overpowering to the point that appetising smells are lost. Also, the crispness of the orange blossom carries that cleansing element to clear the air. Like how you wield Febreeze after a BBQ cookout, but better.

Recommended Le Sablier Hourglass: Figuier

There's a reason why fig-based bath bombs are well, the bomb, when it comes to hygiene products that provide that sensorial touch. Its naturally refreshing scent uplifts your mood and dials up the invigoration factor while you lather. We sense bathroom hogging in your immediate future.

Recommended Le Sablier Hourglass: Gingembre

Nothing says stimulating like the zing of freshly cut ginger in the morning. Spicy and intoxicating, this is a fragrance that'll fire up those neurons with each inhale. An 8,000-word thesis due soon? Putting your nose to the grind (get it?) has never smelled more productive.

The Le Sablier Hourglass collection is available at Diptyque boutiques