Declutter your makeup: Get rid of old lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascara from your beauty stash

Declutter your makeup: Get rid of old lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascara from your beauty stash

Purge on

Text: Charlie Rose Lee

When was the last time you KonMari your beauty cabinet? (In case you're wondering what "KonMari" means, it's the art of cleaning up by keeping only the things that "spark joy" — a method created by Japanese organising expert Marie Kondo). Should your answer be a long, dragged-out "ummm, maybe two years ago", then the time for a no-holds-barred cleanout is nigh, folks, especially at the start of a new year. Because, chances are, you've got stuff in there that have gone stale, even if they don't look, smell or feel wonky. Besides, decluttering makes space for shiny new things — like the must-have lipstick and the new-and-improved mascara still on your wish list — and puts you in a much lower risk of getting nasty infections that come with applying old makeup on your face that should find a new home in the trash bin.

Below, a guide to get you started.


Where to start? We say launch into your eye makeup first since they can harbour bacteria and give you an eye infection. Toss your liquid eyeliners and mascaras after three months — they're probably dried out anyway. Benefit's new liquid matte Roller Liner, which gives you smooth, controlled and water-resistant flicks for up to 24 hours, makes a great replacement. For mascaras, we love the cheekily-named Climax from Nars, said to give lashes "maximum volume and lift in a lightweight whipped formula." Eyeshadows that have been opened for more than two year should be bid farewell to as well. And don't forget to clean those makeup brushes!



Next, attack the lips department. See, we don't just wear lipsticks, balms and glosses; we eat them too. New formulations are better at taking care of your puckers, plus, who doesn't like trying out new shades? If you're quite over matte lipsticks that leave your lips dry like the desert, embrace the comeback of the glassy pout with the Dior Addict Lacquer Plump range that fuses colour and shine into a fine, airy film; it gives the illusion of a fuller pout sans stinging. Still into matte colours? There's plenty to love in Laura Mercier's Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks, starting with the fact that they feel like nothing on the lips. Or, go the extra mile to hunt down the cult Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks, which promise to stay on even after eating, drinking, kissing and swimming. Like, woah.



As for the rest of the products in your beauty arsenal, remember this: liquid and cream foundations and blushes last between six to 12 months upon opening; powders and powder-based makeup boast a two- to three-year shelf live. While we're at it, toss the sunscreen if the expiration date is no longer visible and you're sure the bottle's been open for more than a couple years. Expired sunscreen is the same as no sunscreen (and no sunscreen means hell on epidermis) — so protect your skin with a good quality shield, like the Sun SPF40 from Australian suncare brand Ambitist.