Cult beauty brands we wish were stocked in Singapore

Cult beauty brands we wish were stocked in Singapore

Make our wish come true

Text: Charlie Rose Lee

Maybe it's because we spend an unacceptable amount of time scouring social media for the latest and greatest in the beauty world (hey, that's our job), we have a wish list of cool, buzzed-about brands we really want to see in Singapore — and soon. Sure, you can argue that the world is a lot smaller today with tech-savvy e-commerce sites offering fast, sometimes free, shipping, but nothing can quite compare to seeing, touching, testing, and smelling the actual products in a physical store. Besides, beauty goods sold are usually non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable once they've been opened (ugh), so if they don't work as well as expected, these unfortunate mis-purchases end up as gifts to anyone who would have them, or worse, in the trash.

Since 'tis the season for wishes, we're throwing out our little list here with the hopes that Santa (or more realistically, the brands themselves) can see this. Ahead, five names we have adored from afar, and why we love them.


Started by Emily Weiss, the girlboss behind US-based beauty blog Into The Gloss, in 2014, the millennial cult-favourite brand describes itself as a "people-powered beauty ecosystem", where its community of beauty enthusiasts influences and inspires the products in its repertoire. Best-sellers include the Boy Brow, an award-winning pomade that comes in three shades; Milky Jelly Cleanser, a lightweight but heavy duty formula that removes makeup and cleanses the skin; and the Priming Moisturiser, which has an anti-redness formula and oxygenating ingredients that are great for dry environments, i.e. your office in sub-zero temperatures.

Buy it from: Altcos and get free shipping for orders $35 and above.


The Ordinary
It's not hard to see why everyone wants The Ordinary on their beauty shelves. The science-y beauty brand with a clinically-cool packaging offers seriously effective, research-based products at shockingly affordable prices — nothing in its line-up cost over USD 20. But alas, there's a catch: The Ordinary isn't the easiest to buy. Products are named after their star ingredients (what exactly does the Granactive Retionoid 2% in Squalane do?), and navigating the site can feel like a heady exploration of a chemistry lab. Best to read up reviews before handing over your credit card details.

Buy it from: Lookfantastic, and enjoy 15% off your first order.


Gentle Monster's sister beauty brand, as you'd expect, is sleek af. Launched in 2017 with only one product - the Nude H. And cream - Tamburins stands out with its experiential, conceptual approach to beauty, with a minimalist, white-and-gold aesthetic and luscious formulas. If you can help it, scoop up its products at its beautiful, gallery-like flagship store in Seoul, where you get to try its products including the Kiss Forever solid perfume, Water Essence Essential Toner, and Dance Enhance Facial Play Cream.

Buy it from: Tamburins' flagship store, located at 520-9 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

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