Contour your body with Clarins

Contour your body with Clarins

Svelte down

Text: Renée Batchelor

Can a body cream and contouring treatments really work in helping you get trimmer? Here's what the experts at Clarins think

Besides being an expert on skincare, Clarins is renowned for its expertise on bodycare, both in terms of take-home products and in-spa treatments. During our pregnancy, we religiously applied the brand's Tonic Body Treatment Oil all over our bellies to stave off the onslaught of stretch marks. The latest product release from the brand is the new Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert. This lightweight, pink gel-cream is packed full of quince leaf extract to control three kinds of adipocytes (fat cells) for a smoother, more toned apperance on the skin. The great thing about the cream is the lightweight texture that sinks into skin without the need for too much massage. To find out the best way to use the cream, consult the beauty advisors at Clarins, as the brand strongly believes in the right drainage and massage techniques to optimise the efficacy of its products.
Clarins Body Fit

This brings us to the point of whether targetted creams and slimming massages can truly work. To accompany the new generation of Body Fit, the brand has the Contour Shaper Treatment that is meant to target cellulite and sculpt the silhouette. Customised to your needs, the therapist starts with a 40-minute contouring massage all over the body using precise hand movements to soften tissues, release cellulite and stimulate lymphatic circulation. Strong believers in the art of touch, you'll experience very precise techniques including thigh-hugging drainage using the forearms to soften tissue and a drainage of the thighs using the wrists so as to release cellulite and sculpt your body's silhouette. Depending on your tolerance for pain, this will be ever so slightly uncomfortable, but never to the point of being painful.

Other techniques include the use of gliding fists on the arms to stimulate and refine the skin contours and fingertip pressure on the hips to release tension. Also a key point of the treatment was a Thermo-Activated Contouring Mask applied on the upper thighs - the problem area of most women - to really target the production of cellulite. This gradually warms up until it feels almost hot, but never got uncomfortable for us. The treatment defnitely helps with water retention and removing that heavy feelings from your legs. Our jeans felt loser and we were literally lighter on our feet. That said, if you want to see obvious, long-term results, some diet and exercise must accompany these contouring treatments as although they certainly help things along, they're not miracle workers.