Everything's coming up roses with Diptyque's new Rosa Mundi collection

Everything's coming up roses with Diptyque's new Rosa Mundi collection

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Love vintage-style wallpaper and high-quality French candles? Get in line for Diptyque's latest Rosa Mundi collection

You wouldn't normally associate intricate, gorgeous wallpaper with Diptyque home fragrances, but in a way, both serve to make your home a more beautiful place. For its new Valentine's Day collection Rosa Mundi, the French fragrance company worked with a trio of designers — Julie Stordiau, Vincent Farelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin — of French paper house Antoinette Poisson. All three are paper conservators, who share a love for domino paper, a material traditionally used to cover books, boxes and walls that are block-printed or coloured by stencil or hand. According to their website they "came together to form 'A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson' in honour of Louis XV's favourite, the marquise de Pompadour, patron of the arts and wallpaper enthusiast." 

Antoinette Poisson prints
The trio created the outer box and skin packaging for this collection for this year's limited edition rose scent, Rosa Mundi. Says Farelly, "Diptyque combines a box with a timeless design and a classic fragrance which is reworked so that it matches our time. In our design we adopted the same approach. We proposed a floral motif in very distinctive, 18th century colours, in particular with arsenic green, but which was treated in a very free and loose manner as can be the case with creation today". And though the result — a  verdant burst of pink blooms and green leaves in a wildly romantic, vintage style pattern — is certainly pretty, it didn't come without its challenges. Says Stordiau, "The main challenge was time! Our creation and manufacturing process takes a lot of time; manufacturing our raw material, the sheet of paper, block printing, hand colouring. We had to adapt!" You'll find the specially-created pattern embossing the signature candle – in two sizes — as well as a scented oval. As for what these oh-so-pretty collectibles smell like, expect a blend of the Damask and May rose, as well as fresh touches of  blackcurrant, bergamot, fruity lychee and geranium.

Diptyque Rosa Mundi Scented Candle

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