Clé de Peau Beauté's first dedicated, anti-ageing serum has a 4D, firming effect

Clé de Peau Beauté's first dedicated, anti-ageing serum has a 4D, firming effect

Defying gravity

Text: Renée Batchelor

In Los Angeles for the launch of the brand's first, dedicated anti-ageing serum, Buro finds out how it acts on not three, but four dimensions of the skin

Clé de Peau Beauté as a brand is known for many things. From its luxury La Crème to its cult concealer, it's on the must-buy list of women in the know. Recently the brand appointed a new ambassador, Oscar-nominated British actress Felicity Jones, and Buro's correspondent Yvette King was lucky enough to brunch with her in Los Angeles, and find out more on her upcoming roles and her beauty secrets. Buro was also in Los Angeles to meet up with Dr Ishimatsu Takayuki, the scientist behind the brand's new Firming Serum Supreme.

Although Clé de Peau Beauté is known for is efficacious skincare that combines luxury and technology , until now it has not focussed on a specific, anti-ageing serum to meet the needs of slightly older customers who want to address issues like a loss of firmness. Not doing things by halves, the Firming Serum Supreme promises a 4D, firming effect on the skin. Wait. We've heard of 3D technology, but what is the fourth dimension of skin exactly? Explains Dr Ishimatsu, "So the 4D technology consists of adding a dimension to the existing 3D. When we’re talking about 1D, we are referring to the epidermis — the surface of the skin — while 3D refers to the dermis which lays underneath it. In order to realise your skin’s firminess, the dermis is very important as it has a cell matrix that contains both elastin and collagen, that needs to be firm."

He explains that the the skin is like a sofa — which comprises of the cushion cover, but also the cushion insert. The 'insert' in this case, is the dermal layers of the skin which contain collagen and elastin to give skin that tautness and bounce that keeps it youthful. By addressing both the surface and the inner layers — like a wrinkle-free cushion cover and the firm spongy insert — the sofa will look in tip-top shape... instead of well, being a saggy, deflated mess.


Because skincare is now so advanced it is challenging the effects promised by machines, the team at Clé de Peau Beauté were influenced by laser technology when they made this product, looking into how cells and genes work in repairing themselves. Explains Dr Ishimatu, "What triggered me was laser technology that is used in cosmetics. Lasers don’t attack the surface, but aim at the inner layers of the skin, and temporarily causes a wound, and when the skin repairs itself, that is where the effect of the laser happens." In a similar vein the first dimension of this product is aimed at the surface, specifically in tightening the skin for a smoother, firmer appearance without actually hurting or wounding the skin. With continuous use, you will see tightness and firmness, thanks to a flexible polymer and semi-solid oil that disperses over loose skin and plumps it from within. 

Firming serum Supreme

Meanwhile the other ingredients — hydroxyproline, an amino acid, plus other complexes like chai hu extract, hydrolised elastin and inositol — work synergistically to support the skin's regenerative ability and make the surface appear firmer. This boosts the 3D structure of the skin that lies beneath in the dermis, defying the effects of gravity to lift the skin. When you're applying this product, Dr Ishimatsu advises you to use the web of your fingers to lift your face at least three times, and also push up the chin area in an upwards motion. You'll see tightening and an improved texture from as little as two weeks, although for a more marked improvement give it four to six weeks. Our favourite part of this serum is how lightweight it is, making it easy to incorporate it into our existing, packed anti-ageing routine. Plus the silky texture and pleasant, unobtrusive scent make application a pleasurable exercise.

When asked about what makes skin look young and radiant, Dr Ishimatu stated that the look of young skin, is linked mainly to the appearance of the skin's surface. He says,"The surface is the most important part of the skin. When you look at the skin condition, it is related to the epidermis cell. It has to be firm in order to have that glowing colour. We think of baby skin as the most youthful, and I have taken a replica of my baby’s skin and studied it under the microscope and it had no negative points… no wrinkles. It was pretty much perfect." However, he adds, "Baby skin doesn’t have a barrier function." This would make it susceptible to surface dryness and irritation among other things. This skin scientist's solution for his now 12-year old son? "I used Clé de Peau Beauté on him." Lucky boy.

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