Clarins introduces its first ever sheet mask

Clarins introduces its first ever sheet mask

Super Restorative

Text: Renée Batchelor

When skincare giant Clarins does things, it doesn't do them by halves. Here's how their new sheet mask is different from the rest on the market

If you're familiar with Clarins, you'll know that their masks usually come in a jar or tube — either as creams or gels. Despite the ubiquity of sheet masks, the brand has never bowed  to the trend... until now. Clarins introduces the Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask in their stores and counters now. Developed specially for women over 45, this anti-ageing wonder has a light gel-serum texture and an instant 'lifting effect' thanks to the stretchy material that helps tighten your skin. The cleverly-designed mask has special slots for the ears helping to create that tension over the face, as well as additional material to cover the neck — an oft-forgotten area. This results in a perfect stretch over the face and neck, as it hugs the facial contours perfectly. 

Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask

If you're interested in ethically-sourced ingredients and materials, you'll be pleased to know that the fabric of the mask is of a natural origin — it is made from cotton and wood cellulose — and one of its key ingredients in the formula, harungana, comes from fair trade suppliers. The mask is deemed serum-infused as each piece comes with a whopping 30ml of serum inside — that's as much as an entire small bottom of essence. The serum contains a host of anti-ageing ingredients including harungana to slow down skin slackening, Montpellier rock-rose extract to fight age-related pigmentation, and horse chestnut to boost microcirculation. We tried the mask both during a Lifting Replenisher facial and at home and the results were instantaneous even if you're well below the target age group. Upon use, skin is not just plumped and perked up, you'll also see a global, anti-ageing effect including ample hydration on the skin, radiance and a more even skin tone. This is perfect after a long work week or before a night out on the town, as it helps restore life to the skin.

The mask along with the newly-reformulated Double Serum features in the Lifting Replenisher facial available at the Clarins Skin Spa. If you're of a certain age and your skin is in dire need of a lift, book yourself in for this pampering, 75-minute facial. Not only will you be treated to the Clarins ritual — that includes relaxing and post-facial refreshing steps, body massage and even your own choice of background music, you'll emerge with supple, more youthful skin thanks to the combination of facial massage, drainage and Clarins PRO products such as the PRO formulation of the new Double Serum that contains even a higher concentration of actives. You can even try the new Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask during this treatment — and no doubt be purchasing it for home use after.

$38 for a sheet and $160 for a box of five sheets. At Clarins counters and stores now