5 cult buys to get from Chantecaille’s first beauty counter in Singapore

5 cult buys to get from Chantecaille’s first beauty counter in Singapore

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Say goodbye to shipping fees now that Chantecaille is launching its own physical presence in our Little Red Dot

If there's one sure thing we've picked up from watching beauty gurus on YouTube is that they have the location advantage when it comes to accessing a wider range of beauty goodies. Chief among these brands is Chantecaille, the luxe botanical beauty brand raved about by makeup and skincare junkies alike. And if you're as big a fan of the New York-based French label as we are, you can praise the beauty gods and rejoice because Chantecaille will soon retail from its very own counter in the heart of town.

With the full range of its high-performing products being offered (who's way overdue for a restock?), we shortlist the five must-haves for those looking to ease into the brand:

1. Future Skin Foundation
Want that flawless second skin look? Then consider giving this multiple award-winning foundation a whirl. A brand icon with a skin-loving formula made from natural ingredients and anti-oxidants, it's even won over A-list names such as Angelina Jolie, Claire Foy and Kristen Stewart. And now you know the secret to their perfect complexions.

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

2. Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen Primer with broad spectrum SPF45
Don't dismiss this unassuming tube; this 3-in-1 does it all from prepping your skin for makeup to providing some much needed anti-ageing sun defense. Lightweight, oil-free and mattifying, it won't end up slick or sticky, plus its handy size makes it oh-so-easy to pop into your bag for travelling.


3. 20th Anniversary Palette
Any one of their eyeshadows are pigmented, buttery goodness but if you're a true blue collector, you might as well go all-in for this limited edition palette beautifully embossed with elephants and lions. Not only is it designed just for the brand's 20th birthday, it supports Chantecaille's commitment to a better Earth with part of the proceeds going to worthy causes saving endangered species.

Chantecaille 20th Anniversary Palette

4. Eau de Rose de Mai Pure Rosewater
Possibly one of the most luxurious face mists in the market, every drop contains the essence of the rare Rose de Mai, touted as the original breed of roses with a far superior scent, harvested just once a year in Grasse. Besides enveloping you in a cloud of rose fragrance, it soothes and softens on top of giving you a boost of hydration.


5. Bio Lifting Mask
You might find yourself swearing by this jar in the near future as the botanical-powered mask is a wrinkle-buster of the highest order. It has hexapeptides that magically erases expression lines and is also infused with plant extracts to combat dry skin. Botox smotox, ladies.


Chantecaille will launch in mid-April, located at the Takashimaya Beauty Hall