8 ways to use your Caudalie Beauty Elixir you never knew about

8 ways to use your Caudalie Beauty Elixir you never knew about

More than a mist

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram | @caudalie

Why you need the Caudalie Beauty Elixir in your life, and how to stretch its mileage for just about everything

If you were to look up 'bang for buck' in the beauty dictionary, a picture of Caudalie's Beauty Elixir will be the definition. We're talking multi-tasker to the nth degree, and with a royal pedigree to boot. Its plant-based formula was inspired by a historical recipe for the 'elixir of youth' used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary in the 16th century, who was famed for her flawless skin. Discovered and reinterpreted by Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas in 1997, the modern-day formula blends myrrh, rose, orange blossom, grape, rosemary, lemon balm and mint for a potent cocktail rich in natural essential oils that does it all: Soothing, softening, pore tightening and radiance boosting. Did we also mention it smells gosh darn amazing?



It's a no-brainer, the Beauty Elixir was an instant hit, raved about by beauty journos, makeup artists, gurus and celebrities, of whom supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a devoted fan — to the extent that she's now the official ambassador for this iconic product. And as this Caudalie cult fave turns the big 2-0 with a special anniversary edition re-package in gold, we give you the rundown on the (unexpected) ways you can use this versatile face mist:

1. The beauty blender prep
Skip the sink faucet and douse your makeup sponges and beauty blenders with the Beauty Elixir. Not only is it more moisturising than plain 'ol water, it works wonders blending out your foundation.

2. The makeup setting spray
The ingredients that make it a skincare must-have are just as ace sealing in your face post-makeup. Not only does it prolong wear time, it keeps you looking fresh throughout the day. In fact, it's a backstage essential at many a runway show.

3. The sleep tight scent
Remember when we said it smelled fan-freaking-tastic? Give your pillow a few spritzes of the soothing, minty scent and you're set for a restful good night's sleep.

4. The mood-setting mist
Not that kind of mood. We're talking calm and meditative. Diffused into a room, the Beauty Elixir creates the perfect atmosphere for stimulating the mind. Now close your eyes and take that deep breath.

5. The elixir + cleanser combo
It goes without saying the Elixir works synergistically across the entire Caudalie range but rather than simply using it on its own, mix the mist with your favourite facial cleanser — be it foam, oil or milk — for an extra kick in clean power.

Caudalie cleansers

6. The elixir + face mask combo
Want a pampering mask that really goes in deep to get rid of pore-clogging debris? The spray has astringent properties that'll do just that, plus it transforms the texture of the mask into a luxe, silkier application. Perfect for extra tired skin.

7. The elixir + moisturiser combo
Give your daily moisturiser an enriched boost with a spritz or two. Not only does the scent work that sensorial feel to perk up your skin, we could all use an additional shot of hydration in our hot and muggy climate.

8. The elixir + elixir combo
If you've worked your way through points one to seven, go all in and mix it with the Premier Cru Elixir for the ultimate Caudalie combo. This part-oil, part-serum product is anti-ageing skincare at its most luxe. Mixed with the Beauty Elixir, the oil sheers out for a lighter consistency so you can layer it on from face to neck even under sunscreen and makeup.



The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is available at all Sephora stores, $22 - $69. The gold 20th anniversary bottle is limited edition