Botox and fillers for your hair is officially a thing

Botox and fillers for your hair is officially a thing

Smoothen things out

Text: Renée Batchelor

You've heard about fillers and Botox for you face, neck and even hands. Here's why hair salon Chez Vous decided that a similar programme for hair was essential to restoring the damaged tresses they were seeing in clients

Like many great ideas, Chez Vous latest Hair Botox + Fillers programme was born out of a problem. More specifically it was the problem of damaged tresses that the salon directors were increasingly seeing on the heads of many customers, especially those that came in for the salon's Fix You free service. It seems like our locks are often abused, whether under the hands of inexperienced stylists, or because of the demands and strains that we put on them with multiple bleaching/colouring/perming sessions. Looking like a lost cast member of My Little Pony might be the coolest thing now, but sometimes the journey to getting pastel or ashy shades on dark Asian tresses can be very harsh on your hair. If restoring your hair health while making your hair look smoother, frizz-free and more presentable is what you're after the Hair Botox + Fillers programme is the treatment for you.

This sophisticated treatment was developed exclusively by Chez Vous to address the porousness on the internal structure of our hair cuticles that are damaged over time. If you ever wonder why your hair looks dull, frizzy and breaks easily, it's probably because your cuticles are all out of whack. The solution? An in-salon semi-permanent treatment and at-home plan designed to prolong the longevity of said treatment, so it lasts for up to 90 days — that is if you're diligent in helping to restore moisture.

Chez Vous Bespoke Booster

First up, note that this treatment does not contain any hair relaxers or softening agents, so even women whose hair cannot undergo chemical procedures can try this out.  Like Botox and hyaluronic fillers, the therapy works on filling up the holes in the hair cuticles with a combination of  micronised amino lipids, natural jojoba and avocado oils, and keratin concentrates. Frizziness is banished with silk protein and ceramide while hair is further saturated with hyaluronic acid for an intensive dose of moisture. This helps strengthen the hair and reduce breakage. The two-hour long treatment is like many others you've probably experienced and includes relaxing elements like a head massage as well as the application of a thermal-activated smooth-control concentrate to tame frizz, stabilised keratin to repair damage and protect hair against humidity, as well as a pro-satin silk protein to enhance your hair's smoothness and shine. Hair is further nourished with boosters before heat is applied with a flat-iron to activate the treatment properties and seal in the benefits. Further steps include the introduction of even more moisture-boosting treatments as well as a serum to seal in all the benefits.

Because of the take-home programme and follow-up treatment, this does not come cheap at $599, but it addresses the issue of 360° total care for your hair — after you've stepped out of the salon. A month after the Botox +Fillers programme, you should also come back for the Trilogy Express Revitalizing Supreme on-salon hair treatment (included in the price) for a touch-up. In addition, the salon will also include a Goldwell homecare set of shampoo and conditioner, as well as its exclusive Bespoke Booster sets which are to be applied every five days to prolong the treatment's effects. Depending on your hair's needs you will be prescribed a combination of three boosters. The four kinds of boosters available include: Soothe & Smooth, Enrich & Glow, Repair & Rescue and Feed & Fit. We tried it out and were impressed with how this treatment resuscitated our damaged and lacklustre tresses, keeping the body and curl in our hair, but sucking out the frizz that made our mane look messy. Essentially, if you're meticulous about home care, including massaging in the product in your hair post-shampoo (at least 30 strokes are needed), leaving it on for 5-15 minutes before rinsing it out  — a mask will add to the effect — then you'll see long-lasting results. A little effort for less time spent getting presentable in the morning? We'll take that!

$599. At Chez Vous, #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium, 6732-9388