Best home-based nail artists in Singapore specialising in nail art, embellishments, extensions and more

Best home-based nail artists in Singapore specialising in nail art, embellishments, extensions and more

Nailed it

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @friskynails

The long hours we spent trawling social media has its *ahem* purpose, and it is the uncovering of potential trends, talents, and themes to share with the masses. Our latest discovery: the rise of independent, at-home artists in Singapore with a natural affinity for amazing nail art. We're talking one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn designs, unexpected embellishments, and extensions well-crafted enough to rival the likes of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Below, you’ll find our list of best nail artists in Singapore should you be hankering for a fresh AF mani-pedi this weekend. Word of advice: act quickly should any strike your fancy — availability is limited, and if their burgeoning following is any indication, going fast. Slide into those DM's post-haste.


Bearing a versatile portfolio comprising everything from bold, flame-tipped talons to delicate marble prints, we'd trust up-and-comer nail artist Shuen with our most outlandish of requests. Our favourites (so far) as spotted on her profile: bubble tea pearls, Pollock-inspired paint splatters, and typewriter block text declaring, "Y'all need Jesus." Booking can be done via Instagram, but do note that a $20 deposit is required straight off the bat.

Prices begin from $25 for an express gel nail manicure.



If you're looking for highly exact, detailed nail art, look no further than Tania of @cutieclesbyt. Precise line work and patterns aside, she is also responsible for providing close to carbon copies of our favourite animated characters of both Disney and Japanese anime variety. Drop her a DM to get an appointment sorted and to discuss pricing.



Those inspired by Elle Fanning's Miu Miu embellished nails can seek similar vibes here. A self-declared fan of all things cute and pink, you can expect dangling Mickey Mouse charms, Detective Pikachu stickers, and Totoro's grinning mug adorned on digits. Bookings can be made via Instagram DM or with the number provided on her profile.

Prices begin from $40 for a classic gel manicure.



Blinding nail bling seems to be a signature for mj__nails. Gargantuan diamonds and gems are spotted all over her feed, though it is peppered by subtle designs including hand-drawn stars, blooms and animals as well. Drop her a DM to get an idea of pricing.



It comes as no surprise that Jaezy has amassed 13,000 followers and counting with the wide variety of designs and styles exhibited on her profile. Classic florals are interspersed with geometric nail art and too-cute animated offerings, accompanied by a deluge of reviews praising her professionalism and creativity. Drop her a text with the number provided to make an appointment.

Prices begin from $35 for a classic gel manicure.