Best health and beauty apps to make your life easier and better: Plum Perfect, Think Dirty, and Vanitee amongst many others

Best health and beauty apps to make your life easier and better: Plum Perfect, Think Dirty, and Vanitee amongst many others

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Text: Emily Heng

In case you missed it, the beauty devices we tried as of late were nothing short of mind-blowing. From eye bag bustin' glasses to intuitive, customisable masking systems, the growth of the tech sector proves unparalleled in 2019. And while we've talked at length about the nifty gadgets and gizmos that have made our lives better, we haven't devoted as much time to the apps that do the same. We're not talking run-of-the-mill, garden-variety types that inform you of the latest sales and discounts — think state-of-art software capable of analysing (and improving) upon skin imperfections; mechanics that allow for virtual makeup try-on sessions; and extensive databases to get you a nail appointment anytime, anywhere. Clear out some space in your phones, stat.

Plum Perfect

To say this app could change the way you buy makeup is a massive claim, one Plum Perfect largely lives up to as seen from the positive response garnered since its inception. Crediting itself as a colour expert, PP analyses all aspects of your face to help generate a signature hue guaranteed to work for your lids, lips, hair, and more. It then recommends a bevvy of products in your shade, thus eradicating any misapprehension and anxiety that come with purchasing new products.

YouCam Skin Diary

Believe it or not, there's an app that tells you how well your skincare products are working. Of course, sustained use will deliver more accurate of results, but we say it's not too much of a chore considering how low in effort it is. To use, snap a (well-lit) selfie daily, and upload to the app. YouCam then scrutinises your face, tracking signs of wrinkles, spots, uneven texture and dark circles, rounding it up to a single "score" per category so you can see how your complexion is faring at any given time. Extra AF — but also quite necessary to justify our many pricey purchases.

Think Dirty

Going clean is made easy with this bad boy. Developed to help consumers discover potentially toxic ingredients in skincare and makeup, a quick scan of the product's barcode sends an analysis of the 'safety' level of each ingredient, ensuring you make better (and healthier) choices for both skin and health.


Think of it as the ultimate online destination that connects independent beauty practitioners with customers. Whether you're looking for a blowout, facial, or makeup artist, Vanitee is able to deliver — with transparent pricing, convenient cashless transactions, and instantaneous booking systems to boot. Its growing number of travelling artists also means you'll be able to enjoy your favourite beauty services in comfort of your home.

Makeup Plus

Say hello to your own personal makeup artist. Developed by the creators of the infamous Meitu app, Makeup Plus allows you to try on cult products from the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Stila, and Nars; play with face and hair filters developed by beauty industry professionals; and touch-up your features in a few clicks. Now, we're not saying it might save you from all potential beauty-related disasters, but it definitely does help matters.