Best brow and face threading salons in Singapore: Rimpy’s, Bonita, Rupini’s...

Best brow and face threading salons in Singapore: Rimpy’s, Bonita, Rupini’s...

String along

Text: Emily Heng

As loyal readers of Buro. Singapore would know, we've done all the necessary legwork (pun intended) when it comes to discussing body hair removal. From sugaring to high-intensity lasers, we've disclosed the pros, cons, and procedures behind each option. With that well and settled, it seems only fitting that we move on to other hairier situations deserving of your attention: fuzz. That is, facial fuzz; the soft, downy strands sprouting upon your visage. Whether yours is situated within the brow region (congrats on those full, Cara Delevingne arches) or upper lip, threading is a great way to whip 'em in shape.

An ancient hair removal technique originating in Iran, India, and central Asia, it is a method popularised thanks to the lack of chemicals or artificial ingredients needed. Instead, a thin thread is doubled, twisted, and rolled over areas of unwanted hair, pulling them out at the follicle. Sure, some level of pain is involved, but it is reminiscent of an ant bite, frequently compared to a swift, fleeting sting.

And while there are no shortage of professional salons that offering threading services, our sunny shores are also home to numerous neighbourhood establishments with equally competent technicians — some, it seems, so popular, they garner a long line of customers on the daily. Below, a list of hidden gems to consider the next time you're looking to prune your facial bush.


Rimpy Beauty Art

Address: Blk 447, #01-209, Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120447

Expect brisk, breezy, and no-nonsense service from Rimpy's. The beauty parlour is lauded for their efficiency, with customers emerging satisfied in a matter of minutes. In case you need more assurance as to their competency, Rimpy's doesn't require you to make an appointment for threading services — walk-ins are permitted. Be warned that long lines are pretty much a fixture at their parlour, though, even on weekdays.



Address: See all locations here.

A popular option for those working in the CBD area. Thorough, quick, and economical, you can trust the professionals at Bonita to get your arches and mien looking smooth and fuzz-free. Another plus point: no hard-selling or package-pushing according to a slew of Google reviews. Cue fist pump.



Address: See all locations here.

20+ years of experience with threading aside, there's the added benefit of the sheer variety of Rupini outlets located island-wide. From Tampines to Yishun-Central, you can rest easy knowing that there's probably a Rupini's located just fifteen minutes away from you.


Gooday Beautie Parlour

Address: 101 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218006

It's safe to say that Gooday isn't new to the threading scene, seeing how they have 500 reviews via Google alone — most of which are positive. The overwhelming consensus: meticulous, courteous staff that prove knowledge in all manners of threading as well as scrupulously clean surroundings.