Best beauty treatments in Singapore regardless of skin type: Brow Resurrection, Yoga Facials amongst others

Best beauty treatments in Singapore regardless of skin type: Brow Resurrection, Yoga Facials amongst others

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Text: Emily Heng

For all the claims that at-home treatments deliver equivalent — if not, better — results than professional ones, we still find ourselves making appointments to our favourite spas and salons. Reasons for doing so range far and wide — a lack of faith in our own abilities is one (sigh), being in desperate need of professional-levels of R&R is another. Whatever the reason, we get it, and we and are here to help.

Below, the best beauty treatments in Singapore to help you look and feel better than ever without having to lift a finger. Ain't that the dream?

Browhaus Brow Resurrection
Skinny brows might make a comeback someday (thanks to Rihanna, most like) but in the meantime, we'll hang on to our trusty brow pomades and pencils. For those sick of having to, uh, literally draw entire brows into existence, a time-tested solution: Browhaus' Brow Resurrection. This treatment, though not new in the scene, utilises advanced embroidery techniques to give customers full, natural-looking brows that can last up to one and a half years. A high pain threshold is not required either, due to the superior numbing cream used during the treatment. Brow shape and thickness is also determined based on customer preference, so stenciled-on, unflattering arches aren't a remote possibility. To sum up: semi-permanent, on-fleek arches of dreams guaranteed to shave time off your makeup routine. And what's not to love about that?



ART by Verita Vitamin Infusion Therapy Facial
We're well aware of the multitude of benefits vitamins bring to our skin and body. For those who haven't been diligently consuming them though (tut tut), opt for ART by Verita Vitamin Infusion Therapy Facials instead. Suitable for all skin types, it comprises a fruit acid peel alongside tailor-made serums to address specific skincare concerns. Think cocktail formulations packed with vitamin B and C for those looking for brighter, tighter skin; the inclusion of lavender essential oils soothe red, inflamed complexions. Tip: There's a special Mother's Day promotion available from now until 31 July.



Spring Spa Canggu Signature Yoga Facial
As misleading as its name might be, this facial requires no actual yoga on your part (phew) nor does it require you to buy a ticket to Bali. Instead, therapists use yoga techniques to soothe both mind and body, all the while giving your face a "work out". The end result: a temporarily lifted and slimmed face that will have friends and family asking what contour you're sporting.



Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment
For busy-bees with limited time to spare, try Elizabeth Arden's quickie 30-minute facial for smoother, brighter, and more youthful-looking skin. Dead skin cells are gently buffed and exfoliated away, then Idebenone — a supercharged antioxidant — protects your "new" skin from free-radical damage. You can even purchase the Renewal Treatment kit used during the facial for home-use; sustained application over four weeks promises the same results.



Spa Esprit Super Vibrator
While massages serve to be an effective way to eradicate stress, their effects are often short-lived — a shortcoming that Spa Esprit's latest Super Vibrator Treatment addresses. Using a combination of ancient methods incorporating touch, scent and sound, it treats both physical and emotional ailments that manifest as sore points in the body, leaving you with a rejuvenated body and a clear mind. The perfect pick-me-up before the commencement of a new work week? Most definitely.