Best beauty travel kits to take on your next holiday: Skin saviours, makeup minis, and more

Best beauty travel kits to take on your next holiday: Skin saviours, makeup minis, and more

Maiden voyage

Text: Emily Heng

While visiting a faraway land is often an exhilarating venture, the process of getting there tends to be the opposite. Spending hours in a cramped, confined steel box in the sky can break anyone's spirit — alongside one's complexion, unfortunately. Attributed to the low-humidity, high-pressure atmosphere in plane cabins, dry, cracked and dull skin can feel like an inevitability of traveling.

Or not, if beauty brands have anything to say about this. Enter: beauty travel kits a.k.a. aircraft-friendly sets containing products that work to counteract parched skin and a haggard appearance caused by extended hours spent at 35,000 feet up. Below, the best to stow into carry-ons — for pre-flight, en route, and post-flight perk-me-ups. We got you covered. 

Pre-flight: Drunk Elephant The Littles Skincare Set
Balance and reset your complexion before flying out with this motley crew of skincare solutions. A hydrating serum replenishes skin nutrients, a luxury facial oil nourishes and restores, while a sunscreen shields from the brutal sun rays filtering in through cabin windows. Because well-prepped skin definitely makes for happy skin.


En route: Aesop Departure Kit
Packed with seven in-flight essentials, the Aesop Departure Kit includes a rinse-free hand wash, hydrating masque, and mouthwash amongst others to maintain optimum hydration for skin, ensure oral hygiene and soothe your senses when you're up in the air. In sum: all you need to appear rested and ready, as opposed to the twin of zombie. Snap 'em up once they're available on 21 May.

Post-flight: Nudestix Kiss Me Nudes
Makeup on the plane is a big no-no, as it will clog complexions and dry out the skin after hours of continuous wear. Post-flight, however, it's is fair game. Opt for these ultra-smooth, creamy Nudestix that can be used for both lips and cheeks, gliding on effortlessly to add a hint of colour to your complexion upon touch-down. Available in varying hues of nudes, pinks, and reds, they can be mixed and matched to provide a variety of makeup looks. Looking fresh AF descending from high altitudes? Like it's even a question.  


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