The best beauty looks on your favourite TV stars at PaleyFest LA 2018

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Love TV shows like Riverdale, The Handmaid's Tale and Stranger Things? Check out the fresh-faced looks the female stars sported at the PaleyFest 2018

It's one thing to see your favourite TV actresses in their characters' garb. Whether it's the austere 'wings' sported by the characters in The Handmaid's Tale or the distinctive makeup styles of the comic book characters come to life in Riverdale, it's often fun to look at but not always wearable IRL. Seeing these starlets in their natural element is always refreshing. Here at the PalyFest 2018 in Los Angeles, a festival for television programmes, the casts of various hit shows gathered to interact with their dedicated fans and offer sneak peeks of never-before-seen episodes. And the perfected skin, natural hair and soft colours worn happen to be just in time for Spring — and provide plenty of inspiration if you're looking for a new take on natural.

Check out the looks on these trending actresses including Lili Reinhart, Millie Bobby Brown, Samira Wiley and Adrianne Palicki, and remember to take a similarly light-handed approach if you're not actually being filmed for a TV show. Translucent skin, neat (but not overly bushy brows), soft blusher and natural, pink lips (in any shade) ruled the roost. When it comes to hair, you can't go wrong with shiny, natural waves that catch the light — whether they're more beachy and undone like Mädchen Amick's or precisely styled and sweeping the shoulders like Brown's.


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