These bespoke Aromatherapy Associates treatments will bring you peace of mind even after you leave the room

These bespoke Aromatherapy Associates treatments will bring you peace of mind even after you leave the room

Mindful minutes

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you're fans of the luxury aromatherapy brand from London, head on down to The Fullerton Spa to experience its new Wellbeing Expert treatments

A lot can happen in 60 minutes. You can finish an episode of Black Mirror, read half of a short novel, or attend a pointless meeting where nothing is achieved. It is also enough time to fit in a bespoke spa treament at the plush The Fullerton Spa housed in the legendary The Fullerton Hotel. The spa rebranded itself in 2015 and has been using Aromatherapy Associates products from London since. Now Aromatherapy Associates has launched a collection of four bespoke and Wellbeing Expert (WE) treatments and is the first to do so around the world.

Here to launch the treatments in Singapore was Lynsey Wooliscroft, the head of spa management and training from Aromatherapy Associates. Says Wooliscroft on the brand, "We've come from very humble beginnings, with our founders mixing the oils in their kitchens in London back in the 1970s, to creating a global, award-winning company servicing over 50 countries and working with great partners like The Fullerton Spa. Everything that we do has to have a reason behind it. We really wanted to create an experience that extended outside the treatment room. So the WE treatment was really created to extend past the spa experience. At the end, the therapist will take you through an action and an affirmation — it will be tools to help you bring back a state of equilibrium. " The treatments were specially created by the brand's lead trainer Anne Murray and a team of wellness experts —  that included specialists in fields like nutrition, movement, Pilates laughter yoga and courageous conversations. The goal? To create a treatment that could help you beyond the confines and controlled environment of the spa room.

Aromatherapy Associates

It may sound a bit new age-y for some, but the concept is quite simple. Before each treatment, each client fills in a simple card to determine how they wish to feel, ticking the responses that resonate with them. I thought that I would need a WE Relax or WE Destress treatment, but it turns out, what I really needed (or secretly craved) was a dose of resilience via the WE Strengthen treatment. Who knew? Each treatment is customised to the degree that the steps, affirmation and even aromatherapy oil is completely different. For example, WE Relax is all about centering and grounding you and concentrates on the back, face, scalp, neck and shoulders. For my treatment, WE Strengthen, it would concentrate on the back, face, neck, shoulders, feet and interestingly, the abdomen, as we hold a lot of emotions in the organs in our stomach area — did you know your hold anxiety in the digestive system?

For me, the most distinctive difference for this treatment is the holistic element as well as the creation of a relaxed, almost meditative mood and environment. Instead of stripping down and my therapist Evon starting right away, I was asked to breathe in deeply — coincidentally the bespoke Inner Strength Oil which is a combination of cardamom, clary sage and lemon smells divine. After removing my makeup and massaging some exquisite-smelling facial oil, I turn around and the therapist works on my back, neck and shoulders, using accupressure and soothing strokes to help loosen my muscles. When I turn around on my back again, the therapist applies an overnight mask  — why not get good skin while you are being massaged — and relaxes my scalp, before moving on to carry out precise strokes on my abdominal area. Finally she massaged the arms and ends by releasing tension from the feet. Targetting areas like the face stomach and feet also gave me a warm, cocooning sensation — like I was being taken care of head to toe. After the treatment had ended, she took the time to bring my awareness back to the room, and using my immediate emotions post-treatment, taught me a simple mantra I could repeat when I felt overwhelmed. More than just a massage, this is a little slice of physical, mental and emotional heaven to take with you as you brave the world ahead.

$160 for 60 minutes. Available at The Fullerton Spa, Level 1M The Fullerton Hotel