Beauty supplements for good skin: Fancl Hyaluro Premium, RE:ERTH Phytobright, The Beauty Chef Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder

Beauty supplements for good skin: Fancl Hyaluro Premium, RE:ERTH Phytobright, The Beauty Chef Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder

You are what you eat

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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A pill a day keeps the derm away

Drop the word 'supplements' in a conversation and most folks will likely draw the immediate association with health junkies... except the road to good skin might just be paved with 'em. Sure, we give our complexions the best shot at staying youthful with the best serums, moisturisers and indulgent facials, but sometimes you need to go that extra mile by figuratively and literally feeding yourself the good stuff. Think of beauty supplements as the last step in your skincare regime instead of viewing them as a separate entity, you know, if you need convincing when it comes to commitment. And if you're as a big a skincare fanatic as we are, why not give your complexion a boost with these edible enhancements?

Everyone knows hyaluronic acid is key for maintaining skin's moisture, but did you know only the nano-sized version is most effective? To really amp up the efficacy and absorption rate of any hyaluronic acid skincare product you're using, you'll want to pop Fancl's Hyaluro Premium daily, as its fortified formula contains 100mg of the stuff per sachet to help your body — and in turn your face — retain moisturise exponentially. How dramatically moisturised will you be after one box, you might ask? Well, 1 gram of hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to 6 litres of water, so do the math.

Fancl Hyaluro Premium

Oral sunscreen's already a thing, but local beauty brand RE:RTH is doing one better with its new Phytobright supplement that tackles uneven pigmentation and dull skin right at its source. Made with patented groundbreaking skin science, a single pill contains pure powdered golden tomato and the brand's signature turmeric root extract (albeit of a different variety) to deliver the most potent melanin-inhibiting action on the market. Regular intake will see your skin becoming more radiant, youthful, and UV-resistant. Those with dark spots to banish, you might want to get on this, stat.

RE:ERTH Phytobright

How does swapping out your daily joe for a brew that does a lot more with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and probiotics meant to nourish and enhance your skin sound? Designed to do just that, The Beauty Chef is the ultimate skincare-meets-super food brand that susses out how to strengthen your skin from within. Its best-selling Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder uses no less than 21 varieties of greens and grains in their nutrient blend in order to support your body's digestion so as to promote long-lasting healthy, resilient, and glowing skin. All you need is one tablespoon mixed into a cup of water or your favourite drink. Hello, good skin on tap.



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