Beauty products to stock up in the likelihood of a lockdown: Face masks, hair mousse, magnetic lashes, etc

Beauty products to stock up in the likelihood of a lockdown: Face masks, hair mousse, magnetic lashes, etc

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Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

Image: Instagram | @ohuprettythings

COVID-19 has, if anything, proven to be unpredictable  much like this year's crop of holiday flicks, which veered from convention in several aspects. Singapore had its own turn of experiencing the peak of the pandemic earlier in the year. Now, we're in no way, shape or form suggesting that a second wave of the coronavirus will hit our island — especially if everyone does their part in hand-washing and mask-wearing — but to err on the side of caution, we've gathered a list of the beauty products to stock up on in the slim possibility of there being a lockdown 2.0. After all, we still remember the dread we all felt when circuit breaker measures forced our favourite beauty salons to shut their doors temporarily. We like to think we'd be better prepared if there's a round two, so that we don't come out of (potential) lockdown looking akin to Edward Scissorhands  hair, nails and all. Here's our better-safe-than-sorry beauty list, below.

Facial mask

No, not the facial coverings to protect you from the spread of the pandemic. We're talking about the other kind of facial mask, which is equally important in our opinion. Since facial salons will likely be closed and trips to the aesthetician limited, recreating a spa-level facial at home is the next best thing you can do. Opt for a face mask based on your skin issues. For those with oily skin or suffering from maskne, slather on a gentle clay mask that won't be too harsh for your skin. Those with parched skin can try soothing facial masks that are formulated to replenish hydration with ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Hair mousse

With hair salons shut, your hair will be needing some extra TLC. To avoid an earful from your hairdresser, opt for a hair mousse. The thick foam product is one that's mostly always overlooked. Truth is, hair mousse is one of the easiest hair products to use, and it's able to do a lot for your hair due to its versatility. From additional bounce and volume to adding shine and sleekness into your tresses, hair mousse can do it all. Some mousses are even formulated to help fight humidity and prevent fizziness, which makes it a must-have hair product in our muggy climate.

Magnetic lashes

If there's one thing that'll stand out the most during your Zoom work meetings, it's your lashes. Long, voluminous flutters will emphasise your peepers and make it look as if you're bright and awake instead of revealing the solid truth that you stayed up all night binging on Netflix. We all know eyelash extensions are out of the window as they'll only result in straggly strands due to the forced lack of maintenance when lash salons are closed. No one has the time (or effort) to deal with the trickiness and stickiness of falsies for a Zoom meeting. The best option in this scenario? Magnetic lashes. Quick and easy, all you have to do is apply the accompanying eyeliner and thereafter simply pop on the lashes. Once your meeting's over, you can whip those babies off easily and no one will ever know.

Brow tweezer

When brow salons were ordered to shut their doors temporarily, horrified gasps were heard across the beauty community. Maintaining well-groomed arches seemed impossible without our reliable brow technicians threading and waxing away. Well, if there's one thing the circuit breaker lockdown taught us, it's how to groom our own brows (we even have a guide for that). In any case, the number one equipment in your brow-tackling arsenal will have to be a tweezer.

Massage bar

We're not sure about you, but the stress we faced during lockdown seemed to amplify our need for a massage. Since the path to spa salons is likely to be firmly shut during quarantine, we're opting for a do-it-yourself home massage instead. Our handy helper of choice is a massage bar, since the fluidness of essential oils can get real messy real quick. Massage bars come in varying styles and are infused with essential oils, leaving you feeling relaxed and soothing your mind. Plus, the texture of the bars not only help soften the skin, but provides a kneading element to your massage so you can close your eyes and pretend it's a masseuse instead.