Beauty in-flight essentials

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Beauty in-flight essentials
So you're leaving on a jet plane? Here are the beauty essentials worth ziplock bagging and carrying on

There is no better time to feed our love for wanderlust than at the end of the year. In Singapore, the months of November and December see hordes of us heading overseas for our well-deserved breaks, with hopes that we will return looking refreshed and feeling recharged. (The entire Buro 24/7 Singapore editorial team are on plane to Bali at publication time.)

However, what many of us don't realise that part and parcel of coming back looking amazing has to do with what we pack before heading out. After all, any extreme change in the climate coupled with the notorious dry cabin air is bound to wreak havoc on our skin. With the right set of in-flight essentials, avoid looking like a hot mess and emerge immaculate instead.

Since in-cabin air is extremely dry, apply a leave-on moisturising mask like Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask once you're comfortably seated. Formulated with ingredients such as nutrient-rich Okinawa deepsea water, soya bean extracts and hyaluronic acid, this mask hydrates, clarifies and brightens the complexion. The mask can be either left on throughout a flight or rinsed off at a comfortable timing. The fact that it's transparent and barely-visible means you won't have to scare the stewardess or your unsuspecting seat mate while it's on.

Pure Deep sea Hydating Mask

A refreshing, toning mist like  Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is ideal for those who seek to tighten their pores, soothe their skin and restore the glow to their faces. The additional rose scent helps calm the nerves as well — after all mid-air turbulence can be rather nerve-wrecking. Best of all this can be misted on whenever skin is feeling extra dry or simbly to combat unpleasant smells — shoeless seat mates, anybody? — or simply to calm yourself down.

Jurlique Rosewater Mist

It is imperative not to forget the eye area as this is the quickest giveaway to signs of ageing. As dehydration would only kickstart the formation of lines, counter it with an abundance of moisture. SK-II Signs Eye Mask is an ultra-luxurious option. Made of comforting cotton and drenched in the goodness of pitera, this effectively relieves dryness and dullness around the undereye area. Slap it on, put on some music and relax. If you fall asleep, don't worry. You'll wake up looking like you had your full eight hours of rest.

Sk-II Signs Eye Mask

If cracked, painful lips are a concern, then a lip balm should alleviate the problem. Keep your hands off those lips and stop licking or peeling them. Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy can be used if the issue is even more serious. The formula is ultra-creamy and prevents lips from getting to that dangerously parched state. It works hard to soften roughness and also ensures that lips constantly remain plumped-up, comfortable and healthy.

Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight

Finally, for an all-rounded body care, a soothing cream  that can be applied to the neck, hands, and other dry areas of the face and body is a great multi-tasking option. Unfortunately, not all creams are well-suited to different skin types so an extra investment like First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream might be worth it since it accommodates even eczema-prone skin. Beyond the flight these skincare goodies will serve you well on your trip, as they help rescue your skin from heat, sunburn, strong winds, extreme dryness or whatever other skin horrors you might face. When it comes to your skin, it's good to go all Boy Scout on yourself and always be prepared.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Text: Samantha Joy Loh

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