Bad beauty habits to break come 2019: Ditch the bad behaviour for better skin

Bad beauty habits to break come 2019: Ditch the bad behaviour for better skin


Text: Charlie Rose Lee

Nothing changes until you do. And no, you don't have to clear out your beauty cabinet for a brand-new set of products (unless they've expired) for better-looking skin in the new year. We're talking about the annoying habits we've picked up over the years, from sleeping with our makeup on to picking at our skin. As we enter 2019 with a resolve to be better at taking care of ourselves, we've compiled a list of bad beauty habits to nix and replace with good ones.

1. Not cleaning our makeup brushes
Good makeup starts with good skin, and good skin starts with a good cleanse — not just for your face, but for your makeup brushes, too. Clean them weekly with an instant spray cleaner or a brush mat to get rid of the residual junk. Foundation streaks are so 2015.


2. Using expired products
You know that open jar symbol labelled with a number and the letter 'M'? 'M' stands for months and the alphabet clues you in on how long your beauty product is usable once opened; e.g. 24M means two years. Why does this matter? Because while they won't necessarily "go bad", expired beauty goods lose their efficacy (something you definitely don't want when it comes to sunscreen) and can cause irritations and infections — especially since you use your fingers to apply your products. Bacteria has a knack for creeping into liquids and creams to germinate.

3. Not changing your pillowcase
Struggling with acne? Changing your pillowcase at least once a week and washing the actual pillow once every three months can help improve your complexion. While you're at it, one-up your beauty sleep by switching to silk pillowcases (we recommend Brooklinen's and Slip's) to reduce wrinkling skin and frizzy hair. Give that Pantene commercial a run for its money, will ya?


4. Neglecting the neck and body
Hands up if you've often overlooked bodycare. Don't worry, us too. What can we say? That perfect cat-eye flick never seems to leave us with much time to moisturise in the morning. Tsk. But as we're working towards more self-care in the coming year, a full-body beauty regimen should be in order. We suggest applying a body oil or moisturiser right after showering — while the skin is still slightly moist — to help lock in hydration.

5. Not removing our makeup before bed and workout
This is a no-brainer. Alas, we're still guilty of this bad behaviour that gives us clogged pores, breakouts, and dull complexion. Let's try harder in 2019, eh. Now, if on the rare occasion you've skipped this very important step (perfection is boh-ring), we've rounded up a few beauty products in six idiot-proof steps for damage control.


6. Playing with your hair
Hair fiddlers, this one's for you. According to trichologist Anabel Kingsley in an interview with Refinery29, dirty hands can transfer grime onto your hair and scalp. "Twirling can be damaging as it can tangle hairs — and if done roughly, can snap them and even pull them out. Picking at split ends is another no-no," added Kingsley. Whut.

7. Not drinking enough water
This is nothing new. However, it's high time we all ditch this bad habit as we turn a year older. Not drinking enough water result in dehydration, which leads to dry skin, followed by wrinkles (ugh). Ideally, we should be chugging 8 glasses a day — that's about 2 litres. So what if there's not enough evidence out there that proves that water will solve all your skin problems. If Beyonce, Karlie Kloss, and just about every Hollywood celeb say the secret to their radiant skin and shiny hair is the good 'ol H20, we heed.