Allies of Skin introduces three new allies

Allies of Skin introduces three new allies

Clean and bright

Text: Renée Batchelor

Allies of Skin introduces two new cleansers and a blemish treatment to its stable. And true to its brand ethos, each product can be used in more than one way

If you've been following the success of Singapore beauty brand Allies of Skin, you'll know that it's brand philosophy is to create adaptogenic skincare, or smart, multi-hyphenate products that fit into a busy lifestyle. The idea is that these items are great not just for everyday use, but prevent the hassle of multiple products when you travel. Says founder Nicolas Travis, "Allies of Skin was created for the modern go-getter in mind and our pH-balanced cleansers pull double duty as flash treatment masques; revealing brighter and purer skin effortlessly with every wash. Now instead of packing a separate cleanser and masque when you travel, you can just pack one product." The three new products include two cleansers and a blemish treatment to complete the existing range of offerings that currently includes a facial mist, day masks and overnight masks.

The two cleansers — the Fresh Slate Brightening Cleanser + Masque and Purifing Cleanser + Masque — can be used both as a daily cleanser or left on for longer for a mask-like effect. The Brightening Cleanser + Masque is great for hydrating and brightening the skin and comes in a gel-cream cleanser. Use it on damp skin to cleanse, or on dry skin if removing makeup and rinse off after two minutes. Or keep it on for longer so it becomes a quick, rinse-off mask. Packed with water-activated vitamin C, argan oil, antioxidants and prickly pear enzymes, this is one cleanser with active ingredients that do more than just remove surface dirt, without leaving that stripped-clean feeling — it is after all pH balanced.

The Fresh Slate Purifying Cleanser + Masque also has a dual purpose. Made from clay, manuka honey (with a UMF of 17+), hemp seed oil, hyaluronic acid and probiotics, it unclogs pores and purifies the skin, making it ideal for oily or combination skin types, or even if you want a deep cleanse after your gym workout. If you want to use it like a mask, apply it and leave on for 1o minutes before rinsing— you'll be glad to know it doesn't crack on the skin and leave you looking like a Halloween reject, and that the cacao butter in the formula gives it a refined, but delicious smell.

Promise Keeper Blemish Facial, $159

Finally the third product that the brand has unveiled is the Promise Keeper Blemish Facial, a nightly treatment designed for problem skin. A godsend for those with acne-prone skin, Travis took a different approach when creating this product "Most blemish treatments work by drying out the breakouts and the surrounding skin. This archaic approach can end up irritating the skin and make matters worse. Our Blemish Facial provides a two-pronged strategy. First, it eradicates acne-causing bacteria, while providing essential fatty acids and nutrients that reduce inflammation and visible redness. Next, it brightens and fades dark spots left behind by past blemishes while boosting moisture levels and preventing future breakouts."

Talk about a great skincare plan. This overnight mask is packed with a cocktail of acids (dioic, mandelic, lactic, pyruvic and azelaic acid) to help fight acne and clarify the skin, along with other skin-boosting ingredients like colloidal silver, manuka honey (great for wound healing and naturally antibacterial properties) and niacinamide help to regenerate and heal your complexion. This can even be used a preventive treatment, two weeks before that time of the month, or during high stress periods to keep your skin balanced and blissfully, blemish-free.

From $59 to $159. Available at the Allies of Skin online store and in Escentials