Allies of Skin introduces a day cream and reformulations of its favourites

Allies of Skin introduces a day cream and reformulations of its favourites

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Text: Renée Batchelor

By now you're probably quite familiar with Singapore-based skincare brand Allies of Skin. Find out how it has improved on its favourites and is now stocked in Sephora

Allies of Skin is the little Singapore brand that could. Started by Nicolas Travis, it was first available exclusively on its online store, but  can now be bought everywhere from to Barneys. Founder Travis shared with us his secrets to building the brand, one good product at a time, and now his products will finally be available in Sephora Southeast Asia in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand — and on Sephora online in Australia and New Zealand — come 5 July. 

The brand launched with a single product the 1A All-Day Pollution Repair Mask, so it is fitting that two and half years on, it has improved on the formula of its first, key product. The mask — which is meant to be worn not as an occasional treatment but as an everyday one — is now 50 percent more concentrated and has a new, star ingredient, teprenone. According to the brand, "Teprenone is a potent active that protects DNA and extends telemore health for more resilient skin, while fading dark spots and strengthening cellular lining for more refined pores." The brand also has reformulated the Bright Future Overnight Facial, to make it three times more potent. It is now designed to be layered along with essences, serums and oils, and has been formulated with a blend of eight per cent AHA and BHA, enzymes, retinaldehyde, brighteners and antioxidants.


Allies of Skin has also created a new Molecular Multi Nutrient Day Cream. More than moisturiser, this day cream is packed with hyaluronic acid, probiotics, kombucha, niacinamide and fermented liliac cell culture. We love the light texture which is hydrating yet not too thick or heavy on the skin. The fact that it reduces inflammation and combats breakouts, makes it great for oily and combination skin types and the acne-prone who hanker after a lighter moisturiser. And for those who stay in temperate climates, this is great for the summer months as well. Despite its texture, it is still charged with eight hydrators, 10 antioxidants and 12.5 per cent nutrient complex, to give you well-hydrated and plumped up skin after several weeks of use. One cool way to incorporate this cream isn your routine is to mix it up with a few drops of facial oil to create an easy-to-use emulsion.

Available now at Allies of Skin

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