Allies of Skin has got a miracle at-home chemical peel you need to try

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Allies of Skin has got a miracle at-home chemical peel you need to try
The Bright Future Overnight Facial by Allies of Skin is the next-generation chemical peel that redefines 'waking up to good skin'

Curious to give chemical peels a whirl, but incessantly plagued by second thoughts on whether you'll emerge from the derm with facial burns that scare every onlooker within a five-mile radius? Well, you won't have to get yourself into a knot over this particular beauty dilemma any longer. Allies of Skin has swooped in with a new mask that kicks traditional peels to the curb, chock-full of the good stuff to deliver an exfoliating experience that won't leave you feeling painfully stripped.

Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial

Stuck with an apt moniker, the Bright Future Overnight Facial is the world's first chemical peel that's hypoallergenic and hydrating — so much so that it can be used two to three times in a row — delivering an intense concentration of moisture and nutrients even as it works its magic to eradicate the layers of dead skin cells. Uniquely formulated to prevent the typical redness and 'scaly' post-peel effect, the gel-textured mask bottles retinol and AHAs with high molecular hyaluronic acids, silk amino acids, silk oligopeptides and manuka honey to attain pro results without the downtime. Each tube also contains the star ingredient of Allies of Skin, Ally-R, which encapsulates stabilised retinol to combat various skin concerns from acne to sun damage and wrinkles.

Effortlessly used in the comfort of your home right before you hit the sack, the peel also boosts cellular renewal and strengthens the skin's barrier, leaving your skin in better condition after each application (now that's a claim to fame to write home about). Pair it with generous spritzes of the Molecular Saviour Mist before and after to douse your skin with an extra helping of moisture, as well as to enhance the efficacy of the mask. The next thing you know, 'smooth as a baby's bottom' is the compliment you'll constantly be hearing.

Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial

The Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial is available here

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